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Pylorus stretch

Hi all.

Dave is 13 months post IL and phsically great, but as you know has had an incredibly rough time recovering from the effects of a new stomach.

The last 3 endoscopies haven't been successful due to too much food and fluid in the stomach despite 24 hour fasts, and a CT scan has confirmed this which expalins the constant asphyxiation, air locks , sickness and inability to put in even the tiniest amount without repercussions.

The consultant called him in this week and would like to sretch the pylorus valve to allow things to drain better.

Dave would like some time to think things through as his concern is an increase in dumping if the food is going through quicker and doesn't want to jump out of the frying pan into the fire!!

has anyone else had to have this done this late after surgery and if so did it help?

Many thanks

Lynn x

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This is a relatively common procedure. Quick and painless. I have had this done several times with instant relief. I always ask for and receive maximum sedation. This avoids me having any issues with the camera etc. You may have to insist on this ( and I would suggest you do). It just keeps Dave asleep for around two hours and with zero recollection of the procedure.



Hi Lynn, sorry to hear Dave has had such a difficult time. Just to let you know I'm three years post IL and have had several stretches and having another next week, they help even now. Like Bruce I always have max sedation. Good luck.


Thankyou Bruce and Lara for the replies.

Dave has already had 7 stretches of the gullet, this is the lower valve down ~ we've been told it can cause more dumping which I think he's worried about, has this happened to either of you or have you both been ok?


Hi Lyn

I'm 10 years post op and have a pylorus stretch about once a year. Again max sedation. Don't feel a thing and helps immediately! No increase in dumping syndrome :)


That's really helpful and encouraging!!


Dave's current situation is unmanageable whereas if the stretch does provoke increased dumping that very definitely is manageable by lifestyle and dietary changes. Go for it.

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Thankyou gutless wonder, it's definitely something he's thinking about x


Hi, yes the Stretches I've had (7 about to have 8th) have all been Pyloric Dilatations, and any Dumping I have is not related to that but other factors including eating too quick, eating lactose and cold food (which I cannot tolerate at all since IL). Good luck and hope he gets relief soon.


Thanks Lara. How long do you have to starve for before hand as Dave has spoken to someone that had to do a 7 day fast! I know Dave's food hasn't gone down enough after 24 hours to do a normal endoscopy, so unsure how they'd get to the pylorus without an empty stomach?

I do hope your 8th one goes ok ,and is a huge success, and thanks for the information it's really helpful xx


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