Biopsy results after endoscopy

Hi I had an endoscopy 2 weeks ago and was told they found a Leiston (probably not spelt that right ) a biopsy was taken and I was told I would hear results from mdt in 7/14 days. I haven't heard as yet and am hoping because of this it isn't cancerous. How long has anyone waited for their results. Am I right to be feeling releived now.

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  • If I were you I'd check with the doc, best to find out for sure. As you haven't heard anything yet you're probably right but I'm sure you'd rather know for certain. Hope all is well, good luck.

  • Thank you. Yes I will chase up the mdt tomorrow.

  • I did not hear anything for about six weeks and phoned the consultant's secretary who eventually gave me the results over the phone. All my biopsy results showed no cancer but it may be a good idea to phone the secretary.

  • Thank you.

  • I had to wait for about five weeks which felt like the end I phoned my GP service who had sat on them on presumably thinking they weren't important to me! I had been told by the hospital that I would receive the results personally...this didn't happen so can only suggest you do as I did. Good luck with tests.

  • Thank you.

  • A lesion covers a multitude of things. Barrett's oesophagus is counted as a lesion for instance. Do not get a lesion confused with a tumour.

    These things do take time to analyse, and it does need a specialist to examine the biopsies properly.

    It might just have been delayed a bit because of the holiday season, and the schedule for the Multi Disciplinary Team meetings.

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