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has anyone had swallowing difficulty caused by an infusion such as infliximab or inflectra? I've suffered for 2 years and its HORRIBLE

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We need much more detailed history please before we could comment.


im not sure what else to say other than the infusion was rushed thru faster than it was suppose to be and i had an allergic reaction to it which caused breathing issues, rashes and hives, bad eyesight and lots of other side effects. It took me 5 months to convince the doctor to investigate it because she said it was anxiety following my infusion which i have had for 2/3 years prior to that moment i had the allergic reaction ( which i never have suffered from anxiety before ) she ordered the barium swallow test for me and then lied about the results saying it came back as clear. I didn't find out the proper results until i was moved over to adults hospital, this is when my new doctor told me that the test actually showed i had slight dysmotility and recently i payed for all my results to be sent to me in person and my barium swallow says that i have a curvature in my throat, it also says that i have acid reflux, it also says that my swallow is incomplete and i double swallow and it also says that when i would swallow the barium, it would stay on my tongue for a minute. The hospital refuse to listen to me and they have for 2 years now and I've recently been told I'm getting a feeding tube. In my notes my doctor says i cant swallow because of anxiety but in person she says she's not sure and when i ask her about her saying its anxiety in my notes she will never talk about it and she starts saying that she thinks its nutritional weakness. Im literally at a loss of what to do because the hospital have tormented me for 2 years and refused to listen to me, even to this day they still refuse to listen; Because of the lack of intervention from them i believe I've development some mental health issues about swallowing so for about 3/4 months I've been seeing a CBT Therapist and so far it hasn't done anything for my swallowing function so my therapist is starting to elude to it being a physical issue and not mental ( i say she's starting to think its physical because my doctor still won't say whether its physical or mental even tho i beg for an answer ) thank you for your time reading this and i hope to hear back.


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