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Head pressure

Hey people just want to ask if you guys with GERD if you get fatigue and severe head pressure?

This is something which seems to plague me now, I sleep fine, 6-8 hours but I find myself getting tired during reflux. Can hardly work these days, today it's these weird pressure in my head but no headache.

I usually get sleepy when I'm depressed and my GERD has me depressed these days but it's the heaviness in the head, the pressure that has me stumped.

Does anyone get these?

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It might be worth getting your blood pressure checked? It might be more than one thing that is going on? Some people who suffer from GORD do not respond to PPI medication like Omeprazole, and in some cases it can be worth looking into other things to combat GORD. This might be another kind of medication, or perhaps anti-reflux surgery, a device like Linx and so on.

If you could improve the GORD then that would at least help to resolve that aspect.

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Yes I do have GORD, I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia, which is causing my symptoms. And you are right the medication isn't working, it kinda did for about 3 days but then I went back to feeling like I did before. I saw the Dr in that three day period and he said since I was feeling better we should wait for 6 months and see if things get better. Now it's worse and everyone is saying I should suffer for 6 months and see, if things don't get better then I can have the fundoplication surgery


Fundoplication is not a good solution. Do read studies on long term effects of fundoplication.

Eating less is the best solution. I have been able to fully cure my symptoms


I used to get these head pressures. Best solution is to eat less and practice Yoga everyday.

You can contact me if you want.


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