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Cant burp, burning throat, omeprazole

I have never been able to burp properly, the only time i burp is when i'm being sick or gagging when brushing my teeth. My throat makes weird noises and it feels like my stomach is empty and there is a stabbing pain inside it. It got to the stage that my throat and ears were burning - i then started taking omeprazole, which has been a life saver if i'm honest.

I have been tested for acid reflux which came by negative (which i couldn't believe) and i have been for an endoscopy which showed a small hiatus hernia but doctors said its nothing to worry about.

I am at the stage where i need to take omeprazole for rest of my life. i have stopped having fizzy drinks and spicy foods and try minimize how much alcohol, coffee, citrus fruits etc i eat but if i stop taking omperazole for a couple of days the pain comes back. I have been reading a lot of negative reviews on long term effects of omeprazole which i have been on for about 5 years now.

The doctors are telling me i do not have acid refulx but they do not know what is wrong me with. I am trying to find anyone who has had similar issues really.

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If the Omeprazole has been effective it is probably because it has switched off the production of acid in your stomach. There is obviously something causing pain in your oesophagus.

It is a safe medication, but it is not a good thing to be on Omeprazole permanently unless you have a condition (say like post oesophagectomy surgery) that justifies it. The principle should be that a limited term of taking the medication should indicate whether the underlying condition has resolved itself or not. A hiatus hernia can lead to prolonged reflux, and it is quite right that many doctors do not recommend minor hiatus hernias for surgical repair.

I am not sure what to suggest. It feels like it might be worth asking for a gastroenterologist to review your situation.

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Definitely long term use of omeprazole is not good. It's only suppressing the symptoms but not providing the cure. Hence, you might observe sudden deterioration in your condition.

Practice Yoga. It will help in the long run. It will take you off the regular use of omeprazole.


Hello im new here just read some interesting comments there, i have a hiatal hernia which causes acid reflux and had been taking omprazole for 1 month, well 1 month was enough for me and i decided to come off this drug as the side effects were horrid, i have been free of them for 1 week now and side effects are dying down chest tightness, horrid night terrors, anxiety and not to mention other very serious side effects of this poison drug. I am now taking good old gaviscon and aloe vera juice, but i am very intetested to know how yoga would benefit me? Any help would be great


My understanding is that primary cause of GERD is slow movement of food due weakened intestinal muscle. Yoga helps in strengthening the muscles. You may contact some Yoga teacher in your area. Ensure daily practice. Do not go for difficult twists. Regular practice is very important.


Yes thankyou thats very interesting to know, i am from telford uk im sure there a classes held around here.


Wish you all the best. It took me a long time to fully recover. So, do not give up. Initially, you may have some setbacks while practicing yoga.


i have now not taken omeprazole for 2 weeks. i have up and down days, sometimes i feel fine but other times i can feel my ears and throat burning and stabbing pain in my stomach.

i think i need to go to see a gastroenterologist to review my situation. I go to the gym a few times a week, i would have thought this was just as beneficial as yoga.

thank you for your replies :)


Not being able to burp may cause esophageal distention and weakening of the lower esophageal sphincter. I think it has been connected to my GERD and small hiatal hernia, at least. I just came back from getting treated for inability to burp in Chicago, and it is already starting to work! look it up, laryngopedia.com/inability-...


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