Endoscopy Results


Thank you all for your messages of support I had the endoscopy without sedation which wasn't nice but not too bad either not pleasant lol but it did mean I could leave sooner my results were good no recurrence phew my grin said everything I'm still smiling :) they did say that there was still food in my small intestine so they could not look further down with the scope as they had planned the doctor even told me what I had last eaten which was my dinner the day before at 5pm he said that should not be there after all that time

Thank you all Margie x

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  • Glad to hear it's over and done with now, not pleasant but worth it for your peace of mind - not surprised you were grinning when you got the news. You should sleep well tonight.

  • Margie

    Well done. What a great result and relief. As for the "no sedation" Not for me, thank you.

  • So pleased and relieved for you, and well done.

    New Cross have never offered sedation, so Dave has all his without and hates them. He had to have a stretch with the balloon last week and felt everything, with another stretch in 3 weeks!!!

    Take care and so thrilled for you xx

  • I feel for Dave they are not nice good luck with the his next stretch and I would ask for the sedation as I was told they are reluctant to give them x

  • So pleased for you. Can imagine how you are feeling! Brilliant news xxx

  • That's good news & peace of mind to know what's going on. I've had endoscopies without sedation- the spray for me was the unpleasant bit but like you said you get to leave earlier and more aware of what's going on around you whilst you are having it done. I'm interested then to hear about where the cough might be stemming from. I've been the same since post op I just cough all the time sometimes it makes me sick- going to have a word in clinic tomorrow when I'm in for my checks. Keep smiling :)

  • I asked but he didn't know my oncologist doesn't know and the surgeon just said it's something I have to live with

    Good luck in clinic xxxx

  • Hi Margie Really pleased for you,i would be smiling all the way home too,as i was when i had my last endoscopy and told it was lots of acid reflux, still cough at times with it,but hey ho arnt​ we lucky people,as so easily could be a lot worse. Had a few endoscopys now,but only one without sedation,as made me very sick.Well keep smiling and stay well

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