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I was diagnosed with hiatus hernia (quite large) in Nov 2015. I was placed on 80mg of omeprazole a day. (40mg twice a day). Acid symptoms seemed to abate although I would get silent reflux into my nose etc at night. In June 2016 I had phone manometer which revealed no real reflux issues although I was still on.meds during these tests. In September 2016 I was advised to stop meds as they were no longer necessary. I did this slowly and after 3 days of no meds I started to get heartburn symptoms so I stayed on 20mg of omeprazole. My throat began to get sore and I had a constant sore throat for weeks. GP advised me to resume 40mg twice a day and then added in ranitidine as the omeprazole was not working as well as it had done before! In December I began to get considerable regurgitation (occasionally food) and I started to feel like food was getting stuck. I now often get acid at night and sometimes during the day despite the medication. I am eating little and often and have been prescribed Motilitium to empty my stomach quicker. Nothing seems to be improving. I am due to see consultant. I have lost a lot of weight as eating has become difficult, painful and stressful. I am wondering whether anyone else has had a similar experience and whether there is anything else I could try?

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Hi Dezd,

Reading your post I think you should ask your GP to arrange an endoscopy. For over a year I was told that my reflux and inability to eat was the result of an hiatus hernia. It wasn't. An endoscopy revealed oesophageal cancer. I was fortunately considered eligible for surgery with curative intent, so was fast-tracked into three rounds of chemo followed by an Ivor Lewis procedure. If there is the slightest possibility that this may obtain in your case - and despite a high dose of PPIs and antacids, your symptoms don't appear to be abating - I think you should insist on specialist investigation...

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Honorius is spot on. The original diagnosis may well have been the obvious explanation for your symptoms. But their persistence should, it seems to me, have set alarm bells ringing somewhat earlier. I too had a similar situation (diagnosis of hiatus hernia with symptoms essentially the same as yours) but that was quickly called in question when those symptoms persisted despite conventional treatment of that condition and I was sent off to a gastroenterologist who found an (operable) tumor on the oesophagus. 41/2 years on from the Ivor Lewis procedure, preceded by chemo, I am still (obviously!) here. So get the endoscopy done asap and all the very best.


I too had same problems, I had an endescopy which showed narrowing of esophagus (tcgatzi ring) hence regurgitating food and liquid. I am on 40mg lanzoprazole and also take gaviscon advanced 4 times a day. Also ask gp for a barium swallow test.


I second all those advising an endoscopy and barium swallow. I got these tests based on a mild difficulty swallowing and was found to have adenocarcinoma of the EGJ, which was treated with chemo, radiation and the Ivor Lewis surgery a couple of years ago. I still have reflux which I treat with omeprazole 20mg per day, ranitidine and gaviscon as needed. Re the reflux, I have found chewing gum, particularly after meals, to be quite effective in quelling the burning sensation. I


Had endoscopy today and it revealed no change. Hiatus hernia and no damage to oesophagus or stomach or duodenum. Am obviously relieved. I am going for a review after a few months if medication does not settle things down and be considered for surgery.


To help you out while dealing with the symptoms have you tried these:

Raise the head of the bed at least 6inches or more.

Eat smaller meals about fist size but increase to five a day

Dont eat for three hours before bedtime

Keep off the main trigger foods such as Caffeine, alcohol, tomatoes, spicy and fatty foods, citris also smoking if you do that, plus any personal triggers you know about. This list can be discussed as good or not so but its a start if yoou do not already do this.

Good luck


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