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Hi Everyone, my name is Brian and I am 82 years old. Just before my 81st birthday I was diagnosed with cancer and was offered chemo with termination about two years at the most or an Ivor Lewis operation. I opted for the operation and was in hospital for nineteen days. I was very fit before the op bike riding fast for 10k everyday and having been an athlete all my life I had maintained the fitness level, I ran the London Marathon in 2 hour 44mins at the age of 52 and never ran outside 3hours until I was sixty. My operation was completed but the wound in my back had completely opened and was leaking all sorts. I was connected to a van machine and sent home. Three weeks later taken back into hospital by ambulance with infection was treated with antibiotics and sent home again, three weeks later back in hospital with infection again, finally got home week before Christmas again van machine. Finally got rid of van and had the wound treated by nurses at surgery it took from Christmas till June too heal. I have now made good recovery and pretty much back to normal. This is my message to everyone that there is always hope. I made mistake in type it should read vax machine and not van machine. If anyone is not sure what this is I will be happy to explain.

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  • hi, well done. Its good to hear positive stories. Its nice to know there is light at the end of the tunnel

    Edwina 😊

  • Brian

    That is quiet some story. Good on you for fighting your way through this. Your impressive fitness levels will have helped here. Have a great New Year.


  • Well done! It must have been a very bleak time. I am sure your fitness will have helped your recovery.

    Your body has undergone a major trauma and it will take a good many months to get to optimum health and strength (hardly any of us reach the point where we used to be). Your body dictates the speed of recovery, and it normally takes far longer than we would ever have thought. But each milestone on the road to recovery is an achievement that you should rejoice in, and I wish you all the best for 2017.

  • Thank you Alan I meant to type vax machine and not van.

  • What a lovely inspiring story xxx

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