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I am 67 UK. Been told I have his. I am in extreme pain on eating for months and PPIs made no difference. The pressure burning in chest throat back WORSE by evening. Worse on sitting down. It has affected bowels. I am have had autoimmune bloods for anti centrometre ANA and anti bodies. I am having endoscope EUS next week. I had the 24 hr manometary 6 weeks ago hence this. I had a abdomen chest CT scan though 6 weeks ago...no abnormalities...but this doesn't xray oesophagus only to chest. Do I have cancer. I am in such pain all around middle back chest throat, sometimes left shoulder. It all burns and such pressure even on tiny foods and on everything I eat.. GP thought angina and gave me tabs..nothing changed and no pain meds alleviate it. I had an endoscope last year gastritis oesophagitis hiatus hernia...discharged just take PPIs. I have had to go elsewhere for this result now all these months on. I have some weight loss and warm porridge stools when I do go. I am sure it is cancer after soo long..and am scared this time of having the endoscope..never bothered me before..this time as pain sooo bad it does. I also had pancreatititis last Boxing Day 2015...MRI showed even then nothing wrong...no gallstones as I don't have gallbladder. My gut feeling its going to be bad news...Anyone here been through similar....and who has survived if it is big C years on..with o without chemo?? Bloods 6 weeks ago were all OK again and reassuring I was told. D IGG4, all that. I am at a loss and scared.

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There is clearly something wrong, and because you are in the middle of being investigated, you need the remaining tests to diagnose what is wrong, but it may not be cancer. The only way to find out is to await the test results unfortunately. It does sound like the reflux might be causing you a lot of pain and trouble. Have they tested whether any reflux is acid or bile? If your gall bladder has been removed, I am wondering whether it is some after-effect of that procedure? or a recurrence of pancreatitis? Do you have any jaundice? If so, go to the doctors straight away.

The only thing I can suggest as a non qualified person is to try Gaviscon to see whether that helps with what might be a reflux problem.


thank you. Yes I have been told abnormality of gut. On eating drinking pain awful and worse by pm burns burns all over. No nothing works. PPIs been on twice omaprazole etc. Gaviscon nothing. Cannot even take pain killers ..nothing helps. I do feel it is my pancreas but as you say hang on until eus endoscope. I thought I was having an ERCP but no it is an EUS next Tuesday 1st December and I am never usually put out over procedures but this time I am quite frankly pretty scared. In one way I wish they could find something there and then and see how poorly I am and not send me home after, but the consultant i London has asked for a biopsy at same time and also the blood tests for severe autoimmune desease it looks like anti centromere, antihistones and ADA I think or ANA. Thank you for replying. I just feel sooo helpless and it has gone on months since the op slowly getting worse and worse. I have had to fight for 2nd and 3rd opinions to get what they are asking for recently this far. No I am not yellow and surprisingly not vomitting or nauseus. I . Thank you I dread eating anything at all and my abdomen swells real bad


If you have had a Cholecystectomy this will be responsible for your Diarrhea

and exacerbated reflux.

Tell your practitioner that you have Bile Acid Diarrhea (BAD) and would like a trial of Questran.

This will alleviate some of your distress.

If you are ignored ( few GPs know anything about this syndrome) we can send you the published research papers to pass on to him/her.

The endoscopy should give a definitive diagnosis, just make sure that you receive full anesthesia plus sedative when you will be oblivious to any discomfort.


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