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Hiatal hernia

Everything was going well until I overdid the heavy work in the garden and caused the colon to block by going up into the diaphragm. After a successful op to correct it I now find there is a hernia the other side of the diaphragm. I understand it happens because of the new configuration of the new oesophagus made from the stomach but it concerns me that I will never be able to get back to golf and other energetic things in case it strangulates again. Has anyone experienced a hernia.

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Oh no ,I'm so sorry to hear that .

And selfishly concerned for myself as I suspect I'm inclined to overdo the gardening /lifting bit . But what can you do ? There are no guidelines ?

I do have a hernia in the middle of my rooftop scar . Was told very common ,an incisional hernia and not to worry unless it becomes hard .

Sounds like your's is much deeper and a different kind . Did you suddenly feel it or did it take time to develop ? Guessing the former .

Sorry not be more help ,hopefully someone else will come along with proper advice .Did the surgeon offer any guidance ?


I think you need to talk to the surgeon in case there were very distinctive issues about your own particular surgery. You will probably have to consider whether the new hernia needs to be repaired or not. The issues for your chest can be quite serious, but it is an issue that can regularly occur with this surgery.

It may be that there are particular forms of physical exertion that create more risks, but I have never thought of a golf swing being a risk.


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