Pain in upper left abdomen????

Hi Everyone! I don't know if this is the right community but here I go. I been having pain in my upper left side of my abdomen. It doesn't feel like it is a muscle strain. I don't BM regularly but I did today and I am getting the discomfort. I also feel it sometimes when I eat. It is a come and go discomfort. I have gas what I think I have to go. I just a fruit popsicle and my tummy is sore. A little diarrhea.

Should I ask for a colonoscopy? I am only 45 and healthcare doctors locally don't recommend getting one until 50.



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  • 3dUSA sounds like IBS you need a blood test best wishes.

  • could be inflammation of Esophagus or gastritis! you may need endoscopy of upper GI... Do you feel nausea, burping, vomiting, bloating and general sick feeling?

  • I have Barret's Esphogas. I didn't know they could have anything to do with eachother.

  • If you have had Barrett's Oesophagus for a while and you feel there are changes, you would do best to ask for a referral for an endoscopy to check on how things are, assuming that it might be 2 - 3 years since your last endoscopy. Having Barrett's Oesophagus in itself has a low risk of cancer, but the risks increase if there is dysplasia. The only way of finding that out is to have an endoscopy and biopsy analysis.

    There is more information on this website:

  • It probably is not the right community, but if you go to your GP, they can advise you. The chances are that it is something straightforward. If you drink water generously and concentrate on trying to achieve regular bowel movements for a few days, that would show whether or not it is constipation etc. If you get real pain, go to the doctor straight away.

  • Thank you!

  • Have you been rerouted? You didn't say whether you had had surgery or not... All of my upper intestine is located on the left side now and I will have abdominal discomfort over there because of that... Do you exercise a lot? I'm not a doctor, but I know that if I get too much or too little exercise, it will cause abdominal discomfort too... I'm always having to walk a fine line with it... I can't eat bread or dairy at all anymore or I get constipated to the point of vomiting... Anyway, I was trying to offer suggestions and hope this helps...

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