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I am nearly 10 years post op and have always had burping issues. But over the last 12 months its much worse. After the surgery we have had, I was told that excessive bloating or sulphur burps and slight nausea could be small intestine bacterial overgrowth as a possible cause.What are the tests for this condition and does any of you take probiotic supplements to help with maintaining a healthy gut .

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Yes, I take acidophilus from Holland and Barrett, and I've found that it helps, - I very seldom suffer from reflux now and bowel movements are far less erratic however, I still burp quite a bit, though usually only after my main meal.


hi Phil

I take acidophilus too,but I don't burp much, I began taking it after my 5 year endoscopy showed l had gastritis in my stomach. I am now 6years post op with few stomach problems other than the usual dumping.

I tried the probiotic drinks, but they didn't agree with me, so its worth giving the acidophilus a go.

good luck



I recently had to take some antibiotics to cure an infection. After taking them, I found that most of the bloating had stopped and my weight started to shoot up.

I explained this to my upper GI nurse specialist and she has referred me to the Breath Test Clinic at Guys Hospital for 3 tests, Lactulose, Lactose and Fructose - which will assist in identifying bacterial overgrowth and also any intolerances.

I've also read that to resolve bacterial overgrowth requires a specific type of antibiotics and make take a few months to a year to resolve.


I think that the hydrogen breath test is a standard means of diagnosing whether you have SIBO or not, and I speculate that it might be easier to ask the specialist nurse for a referral rather than go through your GP. I think probiotics normally get recommended after the antibiotics have cleared the unwanted bacteria from your system.


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