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Motion in the Scottish Parliament

Yesterday a motion was tabled in the Scottish Parliament about the importance of Barrett's Oesophagus and the earlier detection of oesophageal cancer:

If you live in Scotland, please consider writing to your MSP and asking then to show their support by signing the motion, if they have not already done so.

The Importance of Recognising the Condition, Barrett’s Oesophagus

That the Parliament understands that the incidence of oesophageal adenocarcinoma in Scotland has doubled in the last 10 years; further understands that Scotland has the unenviable distinction of being the country with the most cases; believes that early detection improves prognosis and survival rates; considers that it is vital that, in Glasgow Maryhill and Springburn and across Scotland, awareness of this type of cancer is raised in tandem with awareness of Barrett’s oesophagus, which is a treatable precancerous condition; believes that, if it is dealt with correctly, oesophageal cancer can then be prevented from developing; notes that the NHS in England records Barrett’s oesophagus as a quality performance indicator (QPI) to allow diagnostic progress to be monitored, and notes the view that a QPI should be established in Scotland.

Motions S4M-12968

Session: 2011-16

Date tabled: Monday 20 April 2015

Primary Sponsor:

•Ferguson, Patricia


•Malik, Hanzala

•Baillie, Jackie

•Hilton, Cara

•McTaggart, Anne

Current Status: Eligible for Members’ Business, Pending Cross Party Support

Total number of signatures: 5

NamePartyConstituencyDate Signed

Ferguson, PatriciaScottish LabourGlasgow Maryhill and Springburn

Malik, Hanzala

Baillie, Jackie

Hilton, Cara

McTaggart, Anne


2 Replies

Very curious because my origin scottish, english, Irish and will throw an interesting twist native american! From my mother's side she was Irish, Choctaw and Cherokee. I am redhead and did not get that little part of my mother's, Choctaw, Cherokee Native American which I did get her Irish part she had olive skin and green eyes which I did not inherit that. My father's heritage gave me the fair skin, and of course the double chromosome 16 contributed to my red hair as my mother's Irish genetics contributed! Both of my parents took pills for heartburn. I did not and ignored my symptoms! I was not aware that it was hereditary and again I chose to ignore and ate tums for 22 years! I really do believe that it is a Northern European trait? Not enough vitamin D? There has to be a genetic factor going on as I have learned and have others with the same heritage diagnosed with the same cancer? Allen please allow me to know if I can do something to contribute to the parliament as I am an american citizen but my grandfather was scottish! This cancer is too on the rise here in California!

Thank you!



Thanks Lisa. There are some genetic connections but it would account for only a small proportion of the total. Much more likely, in my personal opinion, are diet-related issues, but again it probably won't account for all the cases. If you do still know anybody in Scotland, by all means ask them to write to their Scottish MP.


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