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How long are the side affects of radiotherapy

I had a gastrectomy march 6th this year but needed to have 5 weeks intensive Radiotherapy to "mop up".From the second day of treatment i have had severe nausea and vommiting causing me to lose far o much weight, i have tried every anti sickness med going to no avail, has anyone else had side affects like this and what have the done o ease them, i have until thursday this week to gain a few pounds or they are giving me a feeding tube, so no pressure there, also helpful things to eat would be good , thanks in advance..

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Hi there,

I too suffered nausea and vomiting during radio therapy. I ended up staying in a hospital ward and the travelling was too difficult. I requested the feeding tube to be put in so that I didn't have to worry about calories. I was also put on a anti sickness sub cutainous driver, which give drugs just under the skin to ensure they are absorbed. I had to do this since taking the drugs orally had no effect. Along with opmeprazole I had nosinand, which worked great. I stuck to simple foods like buttered toast.

I wouldn't worry too much about the feeding tube, I've had a few of them in the past and you would be amazed at the speed of weight gain. Good luck and hope some of this info helps.



Sorry for the delay, your post is very helpful, i still haven't had the feeding tube but feel its going to be an option pretty soon, i am very interested in the sickness cutainous driver as oral anti-sickness i ot working for me either, how effective has this been for you ? many thanks


I think Jay is right. If you need the feeding tube, then it will probably take the pressure off your system and give you the nutrition you need for a while.

Keep experimenting to try and get some improvement with the nausea. Ultimately keeping nutritional input is more important than what weight you are.

If you can leave a message on 0121 704 9860 they will send you a recipe book that might help.


Thanks Alan i will send for the book, im gradually coming round to the idea of a tube as still not holding food down, thanks for your reply


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