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Stomach cramps

hi everyone I get bad stomach cramps when I eat sometimes about hour after I have wind also it's not after every meal just some I'm not sure if it's dumping as I don't have any other symptoms I had my ivor lewis three months ago.

I'm also unsure if fruit agrees with me do any of you have issues with things like grapes? I am lactose intolerant so am avoiding dairy. I'm also unsure of any other foods I should avoid so any advice would be welcome.also is there anything I can take to ease stomach cramps ( pain is located in small intestine round about when j feed was) n wind?

Thank you


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Dear Sue

I have put a 'tag' on this question - the tags help you to find other similar questions that have been asked in the past, like Stan's a couple of months ago:

"I am also having difficulty with maintaining weight, nausea and stomach cramps, I am 18 months post op".

So I think it would be worth seeing some of the suggestions, like Larry's, that were made in response to Stan's question.

There is medication called domperidone that helps with wind and getting the food to pass through the system at the right speed (some people think this is a fantasy for them nowadays, but the medical term is motility!). It has to be prescribed, and I think that you would be wise to check with your specialist nurse, or even better a specialist dietician.

Low glycemic index foods may also help.

Keeping a food diary is a chore, but not as bad as having to put up with stomach cramps.

If you are in doubt about grapes, stop eating them for a while and see what happens.

There is some useful information in the OPA booklet 'Life After Surgery' that you can download opa.org.uk/ and if you ring the helpline 0121 704 9860 they will send you a recipe book.

The CORE factsheet on dumping syndrome is also useful. corecharity.org.uk/Informat...

And some more information at sosg.info/diet.aspx

You probably have enough information to run with for the moment, but please come back and let us know how you are getting on with the problem.

Good luck with it!



i just wanted to know if i was eating the right things after my surgery. it has been three years going on four and i cramp off and on in my stomach bad after eating.


my hsterectomy was three years ago nearly four as of april and just trying to find out information on the stomach cramps


Hi Sue,

I remember the cramps well and family / friends remember the wind issues.

After trying different foods for months, I did find a pattern of problem foods, for me it; refined sugar (in all processed foods, sauces, bread, cakes, etc..) coffee, green grapes (but not always black grapes) and sometimes fish.

Everyone if different, it is pure trial and error with everything, keep notes of when the cramps / wind follow certain meals and cut out one of the items of that meal next time.

It could also be the volume of what you eat, I'm still eating 4 small meals a day and only having a drink an hour or so before or after eating.

Domperidone did help me but you need to check with your specialists as it may not be the answer for you, it does need to be prescribed.

It will ease over time, I'm now 5+ years out and have found that some of the early on problem foods are fine now.

Hope this helps,

Best Wishes,

Dave C


Thanks for the advice both. I think I have been eating food which is high gi which is causing the problem. I am going to start a food diary n have got some domperidone today from gp I was on metroclopramide


Hi, the food diary is a great idea, I have a board on my kitchen wall where I list the foods that have upset me, I usually give them another go, but if I get a bad reaction I leave them well alone. I can't drink fizzy drinks and grapes!! Well, won't even go there, can't look at them in the supermarket now without a feeling of dread :-)

It is all trial and error for all of us as we all seem to react differently, but I have found low GI foods better. And the other thing for me is to eat very small amounts. My brain still tells me to put a bit more on my plate, but after a few bad reactions I now stick with the small portions, little and often.

Good luck it will get better, it isn't long since your surgery, so be gentle with yourself

Best wishes

Edwina x


I too suffered from stomach cramps shortly after my op but learning not to overheat at a single session seems to be the key for me. I love to eat and find that I can still eat nearly everything, including lots of chocolate but if I do overindulge then I pay the penalty. Little And often works and if I do over indulge 4 rennies seem to work wonders. Best to stop and promise yourself a treat about an hour ater.Also I drink very little during eating and have cut out 'extreme' things such as strong curries, fizzy drinks. I rarely eat deserts but will have fruit or a yoghurt about an hour after the meal.

I find it very difficult to discipline myself due to my love of food but I can honestly say, about 4 months post op that if I confine myself to eating a small breakfast at 8, soup with bread or tuna salad at lunch at 12, biscuits or cake at 4, biggish dinner at 7, apple with Brie at 9 and everything will be regular and 'socially acceptable '. I only felt sick during my chemo but usually I have no problems, I was told it was associated with the fact that I don't suffer from car or boat sickness..

I hope this helps

Best wishes



Agree with everything above. I had a partial gastrectomy and initially really painful 'cramps' which have subsided over a 2 month period. Initially i thought it was the diet but could not tie it down to one food although sweet items made it worse.

I found it was just eating too much which was easy for me as I had 1/2 stomach and a length of jejunum (intestine) between the stomach and oesophagus (Merendino interposition),so i seemed to be able to eat normally. Oh, no, no! Small meals.............

I can recommend Kolanticon Gel from the chemist which I take before meals. It definitely reduces the intensity. Its - Antispasmodic, antiflatulent and antacid BUT and very important, do not take it within 2 hours of Omeprazole. The chemist said that it is particulary good to stop wind as it has a very small amount of silicone in it which stops wind dead. He said "one drip of silicone in a pint of beer and the foam just disappears instantly". I'm taking this stuff for any tummy upset. Also seems to work to a degree after getting cramps/wind.


Thanks to you all for your tips and best wishes. I think I learnt the hard way re portion size I have my own bowl which I take everywhere once it's half full I know if I eat any more I pay for it. Also I think I was so in the habit of moving round when/ after I ate this has also contributed since reading about the gravity issues I have sat down for an hour whilst eating n resting after and this is helping. Hard not to jump up to tidy dishes etc but really not worth the pain !

Kind regards



My stomach cramps was awful at times thought it was going to kill me!They lasted approx 6 months before starting to ease.Can still get them nown and again.I can tackle most foods but cramps with anything.Had medication prescribed and had mebeverin and buscopan too.My digestive system is still recovering but find it hard to eat say 5 small meals a day.Been out for weekend and ate too much and the old digestive tract let me know about it!! Afraid its part and parcel of the recovery from the Ivor Lewis but am alive and well because of it.11 months post op now. Cheers



Hi Griff I am lucky if I manage 3 small meals a day my 3 year old grand daughter eats more than I do but like you say lucky to be alive that's what I focus on when I'm suffering




my name is jennifer leighton. i cramp also after eating certain foods. i had a hysterectomy three years ago due to a cyst i had on my left ovary. it was twenty five pounds. they had told me i had ovarian cancer. a baby dr told me that. a nd i didnt. i went to sara cannon cancer center and a specialist there did surgery on me to remove the cyst and did a biopsy and i didnt have it. none it was a water cyst or whatever they call it. non cancerous. and i have had cramps off and on since it. it goes away soon after wards. but it is severe at times. i didnt know if it was normal or what. i have been trying to find out on here what is normal after having the surgery to see if i am eating wrong or what. but i did notice this notice of you having cramps when eating.


My inclination would be to contact the surgeon who performed the surgery and to ask whether this can be an effect after that surgery. For most people on this site, the cramping is to due with the effects of the digestive system being shortened, and that does not appear to be your situation? Your GP might also know the answer.


I found gripe water good


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