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Getting my swallowing sorted. I saw a specialist friday my daughter and I thought we were going to get a battle getting endoscopy see what

is going on. It was easy told him my symtoms gave me form to take to endoscopy got app for this saturday. Hate not having my old hospital, specialist, knows me from the start of the cancer journey, op and after. Would have talked to me straight told me it is either a stretch or ???. Sorted by now, answered my questions in his opinion, but left me feeling positive and helped me to prepare what I might have to come. I am in limbo now don't know where to look to find out if the cancer I have had, surgery what could be next if it is bad news.

I am like you all a fighter, positive beat it, but can't bear not knowing anything about the result of the endoscopy if it is not a stretch. (Don't think it is, just hoping) My daughter has frantically been on the internet, coming up with all sorts odds no survival within 10 years, laughed together the other week same symtoms I had when I was trying to get diagnosed had nothing taken away then. We are up beat just need to know what to expect if it is the worse. Can anyone help?

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The short answer is that you will not know for sure until all the scans/ tests / biopsies have been done. But I do know of one lady who did have a recurrence many years after her original surgery who was treated successfully for second round of oesophageal cancer and she is alive and well to tell the tale.

The statistics are meaningless on an individual basis. I think you do develop an instinct for what is happening, and if it does turn out to be a recurrence you have probably caught it early.

But it might be something less serious.

You have our very best wishes!


I'm 6 years post op and I had problems swallowing just before last christmas. Had an endoscopy early January and nothing found, but I could swallow better so I think maybe some scar tissue was lying around and the endoscopy moved it. Think possitive and good luck!!


Hi Cherry

I had a problem swallowing a few years ago and that turned out to be scar tissue left over from the op. I know the fear and waiting are awful but as you have said you are a fighter and it is easy to say this but try to think positive, our thought's are with you.

Kind Regards



Thank you very much that is comforting and I am thinking positive, it is'nt just the swallowing I have permenant discomfort that area, a cough and feel sick. Thank you Alan that was what I wanted to know I can get second round o cancer. I know if it is that it will be down to tests, etc etc and the specialist will be able to fill me in more. I just have bad feeling about it, but hope when I get the result I report back just the scar tissue or stretch. Thanks again you have helped as always.


Hope everything went well Cherry.



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