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Am I a murderer OCD

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Has anyone else’s OCD tried to convince them that they’re a murderer or that they’ve played some part in a persons death?My OCD keeps latching onto actual murders in real life and blaming me or trying to convince me that I did it.

Any tips?

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I have had those thoughts in the past . Mine however was linked to attending Gestalt and transactional analysis therapy for anxiety and panic attacks . In one session they suggested dream work, an example is if you dream of a murderer they get you to act out that part and exaggerate it with a dialogue' starting with 'I am a murderer'' and you have to put feelings. to that. After that therapy session , i then started to believed that i actually was a murderer. I left that therapy as i realised it was harmful and very dangerous . It took me a long to recover , as I knew deep down it was all a lie ,as i am not capable of such acts. I found meditation helped a great deal , as soon as those thoughts , or images reared their ugly heads , i would take a deep breathe in count to four hold the breath for four exhale for four for a few minutes .Your attention has then moved to the breath , given you a pause from the harmful thoughts. Oh they will return , but doing the breath meditation just 10 or 15 minutes twice a day does help . Hope this helps, remember you are not your thoughts , you are the awareness of your thoughts ,the observer .

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Thank you so much I will definitely be trying medidation!

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I've heard of this before in OCD. I remember a case of a woman who kept checking other people's dustbins as she went down the road, in case she'd put somebody in one. To anyone without OCD, it sounds really weird, but if you have OCD you know where they're coming from.

Guilt plays a big part in OCD. It makes us feel responsible for things that have nothing to do with us. It's as though we have a big burden of guilt and our feelings of guilt attach themselves to anything we happen to hear of. News of a murder comes up: surely it must be our fault!

CBT can help here. It's not a quick fix, but it can make a huge difference. It can teach us to allow the rational side of our brains to outthink the panic side of our brains, and understand that it's not our fault.

There's some discussion of this in Overcoming Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, with suggestions of how to overcome it, and I'm sure in some of the other self help books that use CBT. Do check one of them out.

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