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How do you prevent aches and pains during the cold season?


The cold and damp weather can also cause changes to people’s exercise plans. We have an instinct during winter to hibernate; however, a lack of physical activity will cause joints to become stiff. Exercise eases arthritis pain. It increases strength and flexibility, reduces joint pain, and helps combat fatigue. To manage arthritic conditions during the cooler months, individuals need to plan physical activities that are easy to do during winter, such as:

•Walking indoors, such as around shopping centers

•Household chores, like vacuuming

•Playing with children

•Swimming indoors, such as Hydrotherapy

•Taking an aerobics or yoga class

•Listening to music and dancing

•Using the stairs instead of the elevator

•Stretching or doing light exercises while watching TV

Exercise doesn't have to be boring.

Anything that keeps you moving works.

So when your joints start to warn you of miserable weather ahead, plan a warm routine of indoor exercise, rustle up your cozy clothing, or book yourself a two month holiday to a warmer destination!


You can

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Or wrap up and get outside and get some light and air. I aim to be outside whenever I can. Don't underestimate the psychological power of even a short time breathing fresh air and seeing the world. For me it nearly always puts my pain into perspective and give me a boost to deal with the harder parts of life with osteoarthritis.

I believe strongly in maintaining some sort of exercise . Stretching is always possible don't you think.


I agree that keeping warm and wrap up while we are in the colder months, but don't stop going out in the fresh air like deejames says it does you good Love & Hugs Xx

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