RA or not RA - that is the question!

I had my second appointment with the RA clinic yesterday - saw the doctor not the rheumy nurse and had a very positive meeting.

Although the nurse was quite sure my symptoms were all pointing to RA, he is not 100% convinced and would rather 'sit on the fence' at the moment.

My blood results were not conclusive so he wants to have a look at my bone density scan carried out some months ago and make up his mind from there.

Because my hands have been quite uncomfortable over the last few months, he sent me for an xray on them and so I will have to wait for the results.

Because a previous xray on my ankle showed signs of thinning bones it may be that I need some calcium supplements and some weight bearing exercises to stop the problem getting any worse.

I have to see my GP for the results of the xray and see the hospital doctor in April next year.

At the moment I am feeling very positive (mind you I have been all the way through this) I have been using the wax hand bath which has been helping with the pain in my hands and apart from a rotten cold and bunged up nose, I am looking forward to Christmas much more than before.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year xxx

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  • If you can manage the pain, and there's no sign of too much damaging inflammation it does sound good that he's being careful not to fill you full of toxic chemicals unless you really need them. So great that you're feeling comfortable with the way it's going. It does seem a fine line between being rightly cautious, and being so cautious that you're leaving people in agonising pain with no support as others have experienced - sounds as if your doc has got it right for you, and that's probably helped by your positive attitude.

    Hope cold improves in time for xmas. Pollyx

  • Glad you are keeping positive, I am sure it's the best way!

    I bought myself the wax hand bath for Christmas...looking forward to using it!

    Merry Christmas.

  • So pleased that your being looked after properly it makes a change doesn't it. Keep up the positive attitude you will need it in times to come.

    The wax baths are great to have.


  • Well done Erika - you are so right to be positive and patient. I only have RA in my hands, wrists and elbows currently and keep wondering if it is RA or if I was too impatient and pushed the rheumatologist too hard when I saw him for a second time a month ago. I have had symptoms in every joint and raised inflammatory markers but was "inconclusive" at the first meeting.

    Having met him twice I don't think he seemed the type to be rushed into decisions but my GP was so sure I had it that he might have put some pressure on this consultant to get me on a DMARD also. So it's much better to be calm, positive and patient as now everytime I take the Methotrexate I worry that I might have been misdiagnosed! And they are monitoring you so if you suddenly get much worse they will be very aware of what is going on. Take care and I hope it's not RA but something more temporary. Tilda x

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