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Is there a connection between RA and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?

Hi, I am a 48 year old female with RA, I'm on Methotrexate and Humira. I have pain and stiffness mainly in my hands. Just before Christmas I fell and broke my left wrist. I'm out of plaster now, but throughout I have had excessive pain. My wrist is now hot, painful and sensitive. My doctor has queried that I may have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. I just wondered if anyone on 'Healthunlocked' had heard of it? Many thanks

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Hello, I broke my left wrist in two places 8 years ago. While it was in plaster, it never felt right. It went very sweaty,then cold, then pins and needles and hurt. I didn't say anything to my consultant but when he took the plaster off he said ' oh, it's not supposed to look like that!' and told me I had CRP, aka regional sympathetic dystrophy. Took a couple of years of being in and out of plaster, lots of pain until more normal again. My husband, family, me AND ORTHOPAEDIC SURGEON all believe there is a connection as I started to get more widespread pain, then got angiodaema (immune system problem) and a couple of doses of shingles then the RA diagnosis. Very busy 3 years medically! They can try giving you anti-epilepsy drugs which I couldn't have due to angio. hope you get on ok, take care xxx Virge


Thanks Virge, I've been started on Gabapentin now and I'm going to physio' today. All the best


Interesting.....found this :o)


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