TONIGHT [30/07/12] 2 important programmes C4@8p.m. BB... - NRAS

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TONIGHT [30/07/12] 2 important programmes C4@8p.m. BB2@8:30p.m.

dla esa inmortant

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Oh well done for flagging this up, I intended to draw attention to these programmes about so called welfare reform


Many thanks will take a look and make sure I record just in case.

Thank you Sandra xx


Hi Sandra

I've been looking forward to these programmes for a week, I'm sure there's a shock in store for many people who will finally see how ATOS work and how their still using a computer program which is 'Not Fit for Purpose' with the governments blessing!

Beth x


Thanks - glad I've got my old tv up and working again now! Tilda x


Thanks for the info. Will definitely watch out for the programme tonight. Zannie.