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Reaction to TCZ (Tocilimab)

Hi, Has is anyone else on TCZ and had a extreme reaction to it?

I had my infusion last Wednesday and went home feeling tired but fine. By Thursday evening I could not move. By Friday I could not get out of bed unaided and could not walk at all. I spoke to my RA nurse and seemingly this was not a severe flare up but reaction to the infusion. Has anyone else had this and if so will I have it every time I have the infusion or will I have to go onto another anti TNF which would make it the fourth I have had and been taken off! I see my RA specialist in a few weeks but she has told me she doesn't know what to do with me so I have lost a bit of faith in her. Thanks Donna

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Can only offer you sympathy as no experience, hope someone else comes along and is able to answer your questions. It does seem an extreme reaction.


I thought there were a couple of people on her taking it......but have you tried phoning the NRAS helpline to see if they can put you in touch with someone taking it?


Hope weird feelings have worn off



thanks for your comments my rheumy does not think it is a reaction just my RA getting worse hopefully will be better once I have my knee replacement next month


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