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Hi my first blog. have been treated for OA for a number of years. After having 2 TKRs. and surgery to fuse my toes, on my left foot, i go in for surgery on the 2nd of July.for my left foot to be done. Also have to see my surgeon on 1st of Aug. to start getting surgery on my fingers, which are all, mishaped and swollen, also very painful, They now think i have RA?? Question is what do i have ???

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Not for us to say saorsa. Have you seen a rheumy and has he referred you for blood tests? I'm no doctor but experience has told me they seem to be able to tell an awful lot from blood tests. If not then I'd insist you are referred.

Good luck with your surgery



Hi Saorsa, As I read the second and third lines, I'm thinking, wait a min...I've never known OA to cause the toe and finger problems, to the point of being fused. It does sound like RA, but you will need a Rheumatologist to test and confirm or atleast better define, what is going on.

Even if your RA test is negative, is not conclusive. There are many RA patients who are RA factor negative.

That is alot to be enduring. Have you been treated with any kind of arthritis drugs? Perhaps you should try to get a second opinion, with a Rheumatologist.

I would not sign up for more surgery until your diagnosis is clarified and treated with appropriate drugs. All the best. Loret


You don't say where you are located Saorsa but the normal order of things would be to get referred to a rheumatologist by your GP if you are in the UK. Then the rheumatologist would decide what was going on regarding RA and OA and treat appropriately. He or she would take your inflammatory markers in you blood, joint symptoms, other symptoms such as fatigue and flu-like aches and pains, your Rheumatoid Factor and Anti-CCP blood tests all into account as well as x-rays to determine what is wrong with you.

I have OA and RA in my fingers and they present differently so a rheumy would be able to distinguish which was which - but if your fingers are swollen and your knuckles are too then that would generally point to inflammatory arthritis more than OA I believe. My OA is in the top finger joints and consists of hard bony nodes that aren't painful once they have formed (when they did really hurt) and feel quite different to the spongy or boggy swellings from RA - but I think it has come on with the RA for me as I don't have OA anywhere else.

I agree with Loret that you should not agree to any more surgery until they have referred you to a rheumatologist who should make the decision about what is wrong with you first. Good luck. Tilda x


hello and welcome Saorsa, i have ra in my hands and feet among other places that leave them swollen and mishaped. Hope you get answers soon.


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