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Steroid injections

Steroid injections

Staffordshire P.C.T. have decided that they will not allow any more Steroid injections in the back.

For many people this was a god send and helped for a time to stop the pain and gave a smile to their faces for a time!

We have started a Facebook page in order to complain for the lack of this in a very limited pain management clinic in Stafford Hospital.

I was sent yesterday to the Stafford Hospital Orthopaedic and Rhuemotology Triage unit.

I have now been sent onto Royal Wolverhampton Triage unit. I feel like the parcel hahaha

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I have been waiting for months for steroid injections in my shoulder. A recommendation after ultrasound showed damged tendons in my rotator cuff.

My GP said the funding had been cut, so he had no idea when I would be able to get my injections.

So I am no longer able to sleep properly and daren't lift or carry things with my right arm. Or use my walking stick any more.

And I can't afford private treatment either.

"Learn to live with it" is something I have heard far to often.

I despair.


I had my right shoulder operated on for damaged rotator cuff under BUPA several years ago. It worked! However I have been told that this treatment is not available under NHS. So I to am unable to sleep on my left shoulder and I know how just how you feel. You have my sympathy .Sam X


Hi all, have just read the comments, so sorry to hear this, but wondered when they would do things like this, we are hearing learn to live with it too often, if there is a page to highlight this, please let me know because i will give it my full support. In South London where I am they have cut out rhuemy nurses, too expensive, and are about to shut two hospitals one of them where my rhuemy is based and get rid of 1000 staff. Hang on in there all of you, am thinking of you, and will give you all the support i can. Lets hope the NRAS can bring it to the right people to hightlight this. take care x Paula


By the way still no letter from Wolverhampton they must be swamped. Did anyone see 56up where a lady with RA in fingers wrists and back unable to walk had had a PIP test that said she was able to work? I think I'd commit suicide if that happened to me. I already ask my GP to put me down on a regular basis!


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