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People are discussing DAS Score ? As i asked below, Can you please inform me of what all these things are to keep track of,

I was diagnoses 21 years ago with RA and only began treatment in the past 6 months, MTX 3 weeks, and also Diagnosed with Fibromyalga, I also have Peripheral Neuropaathy,

When I was first seen by the Rheumy he checked my hands feet knees etc, but nothing written (as far as I know) what is it and what should I do or see as i was not examines as i saw the video on how the procedure should be done

Thanks Lisa

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Hi Joy,

If you put DAS into the search box up in the top right corner of the screen you'll get some blogs about it. But if you look at the poll on the bottom right, you'll see that about 50% of people never or rarely have their DAS assessed. I think each rheumy decides whether or not to use it, and as long as they assess how you're doing I don't think it really matters what method they use!

My rheumy does use it, but she writes up her notes after I've left the room so I only find out if she writes to my GP. But she doesn't always do it - most often she just asks how I am, and sometimes she doesn't look at many of my joints. So I wouldn't worry as long as you think your rheumy is listening to you, and providing suggestions about treatment. Pollyx


Thanks for that it is good to know, and yes i feel My Rheumy does listen to ,e and takes me serious So That is good to know,

Lisa x


Hi Lisa, good sound advice from Polly.

A good rheumy will use other methods to assess you i.e. physical exam, listening to your symptoms but more importantly how the condition affects your daily life. In my opinion these things are far more important and easier to measure the level of disability than adding the points on a score sheet.

Beth xx


Hello Beth Thanks You are def right, I am lucky enough to have a Rheumy that listens to how this is affecting me, I hope he has answers for these new issues i have seems as if I get worse, AS if I thought that was Possible, But thank you for reminding me of the simple things, I have enough to worry about



Hi LuckysJoy

It sounds as if you've received some very solid advice from the others, but if you did want to find out a little more about DAS you can visit the NRAS website:

Kind regards

Sarah Kate

NRAS Helpline


I will do that Sarah, Thanks, But it sounds also I seem to be getting quite good care as they address every situation and concern I bring up, I think I just need to keep up to date with them and I have been keeping a pain and medicine Journal to share with them for next appointment Thanks AGain Lisa X


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