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Well ladies and gents going

In for

🦶 surgery toes shortening and something

To do with my


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I’m sorry to hear that but you’ve probably been waiting a while so are happy it’s being done. I hope it all goes well and it relieves your pain. Luckily, I have no history of problems with my feet (apart from breaking my 5th metatarsal this year) and cramp when my feet get cold! All the best Deejojo. xx

I hope it all goes well for you Deejojo. 🤞 x

May I ask why are they shortening your toes Deejojo? Is it to do with RA? Thanks 😊

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Yes hun it’s to do with my tendons

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Thank you, I hope it goes well for you 🤞🏻

All the best. 💐

Straightening my left foot was the singular best thing the NHS did for me. The meds work really well but my foot was awful, now 4 years on , its still straight and painless and matches my right foot. Shoes are no problem and walking is painless. So worth getting done. x

Beat of luck with the op. I've had 4 foot surgeries in the past and an ankle fusion. Thankfully, they all turned out to be worth it. Hope yours does too xx🤞

Fingers crossed that your op goes well. Time for some new dancing shoes when you recover?

Thanx everyone for all your very nice replies 😊

Best wishes 🤞💐

Glad you are having your op. I hope it all goes well and you have a quick and successful recovery.

Hope all goes well x

Hope all goes well Denise, & recovery is smooth. Hey, if it means as a result you go down a shoe size then you'll have the perfect excuse for an extensive shoe shopping trip! 😜

Best of luck twinkle toes 🌺

Hi, Deejojo hope all goes well and that you will soon be dancing.

Hope it goes well and you make a speedy recovery.