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What has helped me during flare ups

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I wanted to share what has really helped me during painful flareups. Obviously everyone is different and you must consult with your specialist. However there is a lot of evidence how intermittent fasting can help with inflammation. I try and do 16-18hr fasts everyday and I also did a 42hr fast, which really helped settled things down. You can start with 12hrs and work up. To be honest it's the one thing that has really consistently helped. I also exercise everyday, especially yoga, and eat the best I can. This this is difficult 100% of the time and I love going out for dinner and having a few drinks every now and then, socialising is good for my mental health. But I encourage you do your own research in regards to intermittent fasting.

14 Replies
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Hi. Although I have never actively fasted, your post did strike a chord with me. In the early months of me being diagnosed seropositive with RA I was in a bit of a state. A sudden flare up had me in constant pain throughout most of my joints and I was taking a lot of naproxen on top of other drugs to help manage it. During this time I had lunch out with my other half following which I had a reaction (maybe food poisoning?) which resulted in violent sickness for 24 hours.

However my point is that although I felt weak from lack of food and constant vomiting ….. my RA pain disappeared almost entirely for that time. I couldn’t explain this at the time but now have a better understanding of RA and effect of the gut on general health … so can see entirely how fasting might help some people manage their condition.

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Interesting. I have been reading more and more about how eating during an 8-10 hour window during the day, and letting your gut rest for the rest of the time can make a difference to gut health and your microbiome.

Unfortunately I can’t persuade OH to eat earlier - he likes his dinner around 8pm and that suits our lifestyle. Maybe in winter when it gets dark earlier.....

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As you say, what suits one doesn't suit all. It would be very dangerous in certain cases to attempt this sort of fasting. I have to eat sonething every 3-4 hours because of blood sugar levels dropping. I don't have diabetes but lots of people on here will have so they couldn't either. On saying that if it works for you then that is fine. I think I have a pretty healthy diet and do try to get some exercise each day. Thanks for posting.

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rabbits65 in reply to Sheila_G

Yes Sheila , I too have to eat something every 3 to 4 hours or else I go giddy . Yes to do with blood sugar levels . It’s annoying at times because I want to lose two stone . I’m not fat but overweight and this doesn’t help my poor joints .

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Yes I find it helpful too. We have our evening meal between 5 and 6 and then I don't eat again until 10am or later. I don't do breakfast.I feel fine on it and don't feel hungry.

Also do 2 days a week on 800 cals

Michael Mosley has written a lot about it

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I have not tried fasting but have tried cutting different food groups. At the moment working on cutting out gluten. I also am pescatarian (veggie plus fish). I practice yoga as much as I can as my wrists and shoulders are my worst affected joints. I also knit and crochet in the evenings to try to keep my fingers mobile. One of the biggest problems with fasting or cutting out foods is the social side, going out with friends - you become the awkward one, the nightmare dinner guest 😥

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snotts in reply to Gilliancheche

Hey Gillian. I'm curious - are your fingers and knuckles affected? I'm desperate to get back to crochet but don't want to do myself any harm

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Gilliancheche in reply to snotts

Yes my fingers, thumbs and wrists are affected but it varies and I just keep knitting and crocheting. Sometimes I have to put my work down a few times and then have another go. Occasionally I have to give up. Then try again the next night. Sometimes I cannot knit and find crochet easier, other times the other way. Definitely have a go. I really don't think you can harm yourself. Good luck !

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I have recently been able to come off all my meds due to my change in lifestyle. I also only eat during the hours of 12-8 pm and find this has helped enormously. If I am hungry I eat fruit on a morning ( mainly apples) but I’ve found that since I changed the way I eat I don’t get that horrible blood sugar drop that I used to get.I try and walk every day ( depending on mobility and weather), try and do stretches, lymphatic drainage ( check out Notmedsglobal on YouTube) take lots of supplements ( especially vitamin D) ,prayer/meditation time and laugh with family and friends 😂 I loosely follow an old regime from books by Harvey Diamond which looks at food combining which helps my blood sugar. I can also recommend the book food for thought by Phillip Day. I have lost over 2.5 stone and feel so much better!

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Ginny69 in reply to NannyCat

This sounds similar to what I do. I follow strict AIP with no gluten, nightshade vegetables, legumes, NYS , seeds, and. dairy, a d believe me that there is still a bounty of things to eat. Lots of supplements, exercise. Started a new job a few months ago and stopped in large part doing the things that kept things at bay: daily infrared sauna, vibration board and multiple short walks and light weight lifting. And the flares came over and over again. Every time I would then intermittent fast and just had green veggies with tiny bits of protein, tiny carbs like sweet potatoes and the flare world retreat. Tons of water and 2x a day infrared sauna and I’m usually able to push the flare down considerably and quickly . Medicine is a miracle, but it is only one part and I can’t believe in this day and age that doctors don’t acknowledge diet and lifestyle are such contributing factors. Everything counts. Rather than looking at what you are restricting yourself of, be mindful of the good things you are doing for your body. Also, I stopped long ago being angry with my RA and accepted it is part of me and not some foreigner. It makes a bug difference. When I fight a flare it gets worse, when I go along with it and not stress, I can mange it 100 times better.

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NannyCat in reply to Ginny69

I agree wholeheartedly. I wish I had known what I know now 10 years ago! The difference a clean lifestyle makes is amazing. My next investment will be an infra red sauna. It’s funny because I am just listening to Wendy Myers talking about detoxing in infra red saunas 🙂

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I've been IF for around about 10 years and I do believe it helps. I do 5:2 but even on non fast days I practice time restricted eating and fast for 14 - 16 hours. It's always helped keep my weight in check until i started Tocilizumab but I've changed to fortnightly injections s to see if that helps with the weight gain and viral issues

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Thanks for the post Pink006, that's very interesting. A weird thing happened to me 2 weeks ago. My RA is horribly active and I started Adalimumab Biologic nearly 7 weeks ago, but it's not working yet. But 2 weeks ago I had a horrid fluey/chest bug (high temp. & shivers, terrible chest, but not sore throat or runny nose). Also lost my appetite, but was eating a bit. However, the chronic multi=joint pain (& agony in some joins) & soft tissues - vanished like a switch turning it off! I hoped it was the Biologic starting to work - but on the 4th day - it all came back. You have made me wonder now if cutting down on food, or certain types, had an effect, or if it was some weird effect of the immune system almost reversing itself due to the effects of this bug. Thanks again - and very glad it's helping you :)

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Thanks everyone for your posts. It's really interesting to hear your thoughts 😊

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