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Rheumatology Appointment

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Hi, sorry i`ve not been on for a bit.

I have finally received an appointment for Rheumatology for 11th August. Cannot wait to go and hopefully get sorted with pain meds that work. I`ve been in a lot of pain since Prednisolone finished a few weeks ago worst of it being yesterday and today, walking bent forward round the house as couldn`t straighten my back properly and my sciatica has kicked off as well, not feeling my best right now

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That's really good news Petart44 as it sounds like you really need it. Are you taking any pain medication?

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Petart44 in reply to springcross

Paracetamol, can`t take anything else as have liver disease

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springcross in reply to Petart44

Oh goodness, Paracetamol are the only pain relief I take (if any) but that's not much for the amount of pain you're in. Is there nothing else the GP can do about it in the meantime?

What other treatment apart from steroids are you on currently? It's a long time to wait in so much pain.

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Petart44 in reply to oldtimer

Just paracetamol at the moment, waiting for other meds to be sorted

Hope you feel better soon! Sending you positive vibes that your appointment will help you, so you get the right combo of meds.

You’ve still got a few weeks to wait and I hope your doctor has given you some good pain relief now that the pred is finished. When you see the Rheumy hopefully you’ll get a new combination of drugs which should make a big difference . I hope it all goes well. Keep us posted x

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Petart44 in reply to Downtime

I`m only allowed paracetamol due to having Fibrosis of the liver stage 3 as well so have to be careful what I take

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Downtime in reply to Petart44

I understand. It’s difficult for you in that case.

Good news that you have an appointment. My advice is to make sure you keep some form of a journal every day to record your pain levels, your fatigue and mood. This will show the rheumy a clearer picture and you don't have to tell everything from memory in the short time available. I always do that and Rheumatology find it very helpful. Good luck.

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