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Sulfasalazine and side effects

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Hi everyone, I am having trouble finding a medication that doesn't have horrible side effects. I have just been prescribed Sulfasalazine for my RA and I already take Methotrexate, is anyone else on these , I would really like to hear how you are getting on with them, thank you .

20 Replies
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If you type that into the search box and filter for NRAS then all posts regarding it will come up. Remember though that just because someone has had side effects it doesn’t mean you will and often they diminish the longer you take them. 😊

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allanah in reply to KittyJ

I agree with Kittys reply. I was on it, no problems though.

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Sloth1964 in reply to allanah

Thank you, its nice to hear that someone has been ok on it

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Sloth1964 in reply to KittyJ

Thank you so much, I will have a look 😊

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I’ve been taking sulphasalazine for 14 years with no issues, and now take 4000mg/day. Methotrexate made feel very ill. However, my friend took it and had a nasty reaction.

We are all different so unfortunately you won’t know unless you try. Fingers crossed you will be like me with no side effects.

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Sloth1964 in reply to bpeal1

Thank you , it is good to hear that it has worked for you. I think I will just have to give it a go. My consultant isn't very helpful so its nice to hear people's views on it .

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I have been on Sulfasalazine for over 2 years, helped me tremendously 👏🏻👏🏻 In remission now, still have bloods done monthly to keep an eye on liver readings, as unfortunately for me all RA drugs seem to mess with my liver x Good luck 💕

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Sloth1964 in reply to Doughnut61

Thats brilliant , thank you so much , that's made me feel better about it all. Just have tried so many different things so hopefully this is the one , 💕

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Doughnut61 in reply to Sloth1964

I hope so 💕💕

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Brikel in reply to Doughnut61

Hi I’ve been on it for a number of years without any problem but be aware it does make your urine yellow .

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Sloth1964 in reply to Brikel

Hi , thank you I will bear that in mind 😀

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I have only been on it for a short time about 9 weeks and have had no problems

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Sloth1964 in reply to Jennyrenny

Thank you, thats gives me a lot of hope that I will be the same, I really hope it works for you .

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I've been on it for several months; no problems and it seems to be having a good effect on my joints.

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Sloth1964 in reply to Boxerlady

Brilliant thank you, I am hearing lots of positive things 😊

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First month of Sulfasalazine was rough felt sick a lot but now have been on it for two years and no side effects

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Sloth1964 in reply to Whezziewhoozie

Thank you, thats going to be the hardest thing is working through the side effects .

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Boxerlady in reply to Sloth1964

I had a couple of days of side effects with each dose increase (they start low and build it up weekly) but it was well worth it for the good effects on both my RA and my (long standing) IBS.Only long term side effect is the dramatically yellow wee 😂

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I take both of those meds with no problems, been on them for 4 years and now in remission for 2 years.It took about 3 months to start to feel the benefits, hope they work as well for you.

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Sloth1964 in reply to Gymcactus

Thank you thats fantastic, well long may it last for you 😀

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