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C-19 reaction


I received my oxford/astrazenica "jab" on Feb 11th at 10.20 am. By late evening I was having what almost amounted to a Fit. Uncontrollable shaking and shivering with breathing problems. I finally calmed down and I went to bed. I woke up in the morning and the same thing happened again this time far worse and it lasted for about an hour. I have now lost taste, have the most awful uncontrolled hot flushes that make me clammy and feel like I'm going to explode, I can barely keep my eyes open and life is just one big "sigh". I feel awful. Before this "jab" I had felt very well and my RA was in remission after 10 years of hard work of getting the balance right.

Now it's like back to square one. Is this how's it going to be now?

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I had a similar reaction after my Oxford jab. Yellow card it

Call 111 for advice . You could have had covid infection there before your jab , fever, loss of taste etc. As you also have diabetes its important in case of infection. Sounds like you need a check up.

Sounds like you’ve been unlucky and got a systemic reaction rather than just a local one. Do call your GP or 111 to be on safe side. But even the systemic side effects are said to wear off eventually so fingers crossed it improves very soon.

AgedCrone in reply to helixhelix

I tried that after my vaccination side effects...all 111 were interested in was...are you bleeding, can you hold your arms over your head or do you have pains going down you arms.....I was eventually told to call my GP “in the next 3 days”...Covid vaccine related problems don’t seem to have been added to the initial 111 Tick Box questions.At GP nurse had no idea what to do......had the GP call me back....who when I said I was dizzy suggested I had Labrynthitis!(I haven’t) but offered no other help at all

Eventually saw my Rheumatologist privately......& things are being sorted.

Nobody seems to have any idea what to do about vaccination side effects & what’s worse they don’t seem to care either! I suppose one could try A&E...but a friend recently sat in that department (not vaccine related) from 8pm to 3am......was then admitted...but sent home at 7am because the woman in the next bed had tested positive for Covid19.

My friend was not tested...until she arranged a test for herself.

So 111 & GP don’t seem to be up to speed right now.

allanah in reply to AgedCrone

However Mickey this may be totally unrelated and coincidental to the jab. Get medical advice .

AgedCrone in reply to allanah

I wasn’t suggesting she did anything else I was just relating the standard of service you can expect from 111 and GPS, right nowI’m sure Mickey will contact somebody if she doesn’t feel better.

Oh you poor thing how awful for you , please report it. Makes me scared to have my vaccine after reading your report. Hope your ok

Hope yours goes very well and no adverse reactions.

Thank you

allanah in reply to rabbits65

Reactions are extremely rare . I know lots of people who have had the jab and been absolutely fine . But those people tend not to type for support . Try not to worry, covid could be worse x X

rabbits65 in reply to allanah

Thank you

Neonkittie17 in reply to allanah


Are you ok just now Mickey? A bit concerned as it's been three hours & you've not responded to any replies.

I've only just logged on again. I think it would be wise to call 111, even though it's been 12 days since your jab. Inform them of how you were affected & the symptoms you're still having, they should be able to help you or direct you to where you need to report your reactions.

allanah in reply to nomoreheels

I agree

mickey1 in reply to nomoreheels

Yes, I'm fine. Thank you for your concern. Only now just checking my emails.

nomoreheels in reply to mickey1

Oh good. Thanks for letting us know.

allanah in reply to mickey1

Good news, personally I'd double check with a covid test . And check with GP . It's been a while x

Thinking of you Mickey1 - hope you swiftly feel better, thanks for sharing - do update too so we know all is well....Hessie

So sorry to hear this mickey1! Could be jab related but could also be COVID. Get tested to be sure. Any symptoms that are COVID related even sneezing more than usual people should get tested. I’m in the ZOE COVID research group and they say get tested with any new symptoms you’ve not had before. I report having a headache and they tell me to get tested. Hope you are ok! Xx

How are you now mikey1?

Good morning Mickey i do hope you are feeling better. Do you think there is a possible chance that you already had covid before your jab? It’s such a shame that you had these symptoms but i do hope this does not put people off from having there jab as a majority of people and i for 1 don’t get any symptoms at all. X

As others have said, maybe you had covid infection already but didn't realize it. Please let us know how you are.

mickey1 in reply to benjijen

I think I may be feeling a little better today, so long as I keep myself busy!

I had a reaction to the jab too but having had COVID and now having Long COVID I almost expected it.I had a raging temperature for a few days, terrible headache and body aches. It was like starting back where I was last March. When the jab was give I was also given some paperwork. On the main sheet I am sure that there was a means to report any severe reaction. I did not do so as my reaction whilst unpleasant was on the list of things to expect. I would suggest that you report what happened, as a second dose will be on the horizon. Good luck.

Hi Are you ok ?

We have not heard from you .

But I also was unwell , all the usual side effects listed, but my RA flared n I literally could not walk on my knee and I had viral rashes , n felt absolutely awful for a good 7 days even my acid reflux went into over drive, my whole body went on red alert.

But I'm happy to say I'm ok now n happy to know that my immune system is still in there and working.

I did ring and report it to my RA nurses she just said some have side effects and some dont. N to take my benapali when I felt a little better but not to miss it. Its 2 weeks now n I feel probably the best I've felt in a long time. Fearing the second jab as I believe if you got side effects it can be worse again ,but I'm ready for it.

N just wish I could have it sooner to get it out the way

I hope you are ok now

Sending hugs xxx

mickey1 in reply to Denise64

I'm fine, trying to keep busy and distracted, I hope to feel better ......

allanah in reply to mickey1

It's been since feb 11th, you need a check up , your diabetic you infections with RA snd diabetes need sorting quickly. Feel better soon.

It does seem that quite a few people are having side effects, I would say mine were moderate. Most side effects seem to come at the AZ vaccine, not Pfizer, just an observation. Hope you feel better soon.

J1707 in reply to JoLB

That’s my opinion too

allanah in reply to J1707

Well luckily they are documenting everything in real time. If you look at the zoe app it gives you data on reactions to drugs which thankfully are mainly mild and rare still. But if anyone gets a reaction they should see their gp and report it to the yellow card system on mhra. A lot of people do have the vaccine when they are unaware they have infection, viruses etc which were there unknown to them but it will be interested to see what progresses. I've had 4 friends get az this week without even a sore arm so everyone is different. There has been evidence coming out that if you had covid previously ( therefore you have been "primed") you can sometimes get a more immune response to your first jab as it would therefore be like a "booster" ,so your body recognises the virus and can fight it off.

But getting back to your post Mickey , feel better very soon xxx😍

JoLB in reply to allanah

Yes, I’ve also heard if you have had the virus previously side effects are more likely. A strong immune response seems to mean more side effects, perhaps that is why as a group RA and other people affected by auto immune disease might have a disproportionate reaction, because our immune systems (by the nature of the disease) go in over drive. I still feel very blessed to have had the vaccine.

allanah in reply to JoLB

Possibly the opposite, if we have our treatments it should depress a severe response, interesting.

How are you feeling today? I had a bad reaction too- I’ve had old fashioned flu once in my life even my hair hurt when brushed! It felt the same aches under arm pits headache pain in back feeling like I couldn’t sit up. Told to take paracetamols/ibuprofen every four hours drink loads and expect improvement in five days. Fortunately I was alright after a week but it was a rollercoaster ride. Take care and if you get no improvement don’t wait 🌺seek help.

Hmmm poor you. I had to uncontroll shivers chattering teeth, feeling crap the evening of my vaccination day.

Also nausa & vomiting (I'm sensitive that way ) managed to use antiemetic , then took paracetamol.

Slept till early morning above side effects gone.

Since then been in a flare since taking my MTX so decided to leave till out of 3 week immunity build up.

Do wonder who is taking note of the reaction in ones with auto immune conditions?

My personal view is felt like vaccine kicked off immune system , which MTX then battled against, well how it felt

Stiff fatigued and not great .

Will deffo have follow up mind.

Froggie70 in reply to Happy5

Hi Happy5. I’m exactly the same tonight. Had Oxford jag at 4 today and by 10.30 was starting to feel rough. Can’t stop shaking, freezing cold but temp is 39.5. Even my skin hurts and I feel so nauseous and every joint is sore. Had a reaction very similar to a pneumonia jag 5 years ago. Isn’t lupus the gift that keeps on giving 🤔. Hope you’re feeling better now🤗.

dear very sorry to hear that but how do you feel now today please let me know thank you best wishes

So how do you feel now have you recovered are you still feel ill?

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