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RA flares and chest pains (Costochondritis)


Has anyone else with RA experienced costochondritis when flaring?

It seems that RA can cause it.. - now when I have a flare, I also get the severe chest pains, which come and go away again next day.. - Naproxen eases it .

Just be interested to see if there's anyone else with the same..!

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Well that is very interesting, I didn't know that! I used to get costochondritis before my RA became apparent, so now I'm wondering if it was an early sign.

jimmx in reply to dawkin_S

Hmm that's interesting as well .. it's possible maybe ., but I only know what I learnt from Googling!


vonniesims in reply to dawkin_S

M e too

Yes I get it all the time.

I'm not on any medication yet so probably explains the regularity of it but I get it quite often and its SO painful.

I spoke to my consultant about it and how anxious it made me (first time I got it it made me sweat where the pain was so bad, I had to kind of hug myself and regulate my breathing) and she wasn't surprised or concerned by it. I was stressing how bad it felt and she was like "yeah it can hurt " !!

Did make me feel better about it, now when I get it I've just got to think it will pass.

You are not alone x

Hope you don't get it too often though.

If you are concerned about it I would run it past your rhematology team just for your peace of mind x

Thanks Marionfromhappydays Xx

.. yes it's intensely painful isn't it- I don't go to bed when I get it - it's too painful, and hurts so much to breathe!

I tried co-codamol, didn't help at all, but Naproxen does ease it x

Had this even before diagnosis. Hideous.

jimmx in reply to Brychni

Yes it's sooo bloomin painful, scary too..

I used to get when I was pregnant too. Once it felt as though a rib had moved and was causing painful breathing. All I could do was lie on my back and force myself to take a deep breath and I distinctly heard and felt it 'pop' back into place!

jimmx in reply to Brychni

How awful for you - and it's soo painful too! :( x

I had this several years ago , was told by GP it was caused by a virus. Long before I was diagnosed with RA.

Yes I get this, although not dx ra yet x

I have also had it but never connected the dots, makes sense! Naproxen eases it for me too.

jimmx in reply to Zip1

I found this article about it, really interesting!; everydayhealth.com/rheumato...

I’ve had it too ! Thought I was having a heart attack 😨 Hope it clears up soon for you.

jimmx in reply to LinaM

Thanks Lina Yes, it does feel like a heart attack ! Incredibly painful and impossible to sleep

Yes yes yes. My worst symptom. I actually get so bad I needed 3 days of steroid drops! Ice and naproxen sometimes manage it. I hate mine , it's so painful.

jimmx in reply to allanah

Wow, hope the steroid worked.. Naproxen does ease it eventually, but seem to take hours!

allanah in reply to jimmx

Typo above steroid drip! And that worked extremely quickly . Xx I hope it settles quickly , ice packs are excellent!

jimmx in reply to allanah

Thanks allanah 😀 - i'm glad the drip worked for you! Will try an ice pack, sounds a good idea! xx

Oh I’ve had that the chest pain awful , try some bio freeze to rub in and then hot water bottle . Good luck

jimmx in reply to Angels54

I will try that, thanks!

I had this same thing last week I think it was this anyway I was asleep and was woke up with this awful pain as others have said I thought it was a heart attack ..luckily it hasn't happened again.

jimmx in reply to Vonnie10

Yes, It feels like a heart attack! Unbelievably painful. Mine comes one day and then disappears the next!

This is so interesting! I’ve experienced this on a few occasions and was worried it was my heart.

jimmx in reply to mmb50

Yes, I thought it was a heart attack too, except it usually goes away the next day - Naproxen helps ease it.. I found this interesting article that tells the difference between heart attack and costochondritis; everydayhealth.com/rheumato...

mmb50 in reply to jimmx

Thanks for your reply and link to everyday health,a lot of interesting articles on it. I’ve bookmarked it 👍. It’s great to have a community of people on this site who understand and help each other.

jimmx in reply to mmb50

Pleased I could help - It's comforting to hear from others about this x

I started with costochondritis 3 years before my inflammatory arthritis and ended up going to a pain clinic as it was so bad and having an impact on my work and life in general. The doctor I saw as well as occupational health pushed me to get a second opinion, it was this as well as a well timed case of Achilles tendinitis and a few other things that eventually led to my diagnosis. Over the years I have noticed it is one of the symptoms to get worse when I’m about to flare. When it’s bad it’s very difficult to breathe. I still sleep with cushions along the wall otherwise it’s too uncomfortable.

mmb50 in reply to Karen12

Sounds like you have it bad. I’m fortunate it doesn’t affect me too badly, just good to know it’s not my heart. X

jimmx in reply to Karen12

Ooh yes, know how you feel - I have to sit up as well with it, can't go to bed. It it so painful to breathe with it; I have to try to relax and not panic with it, I watch Tv or go online to divert from it! x

I believe that you need to go through the NRAS before you can post questionnaires here ??

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