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Hi all, starting Rituximab infusion in the next couple of weeks, just wondering if there’s any advice, and how long it takes to kick, I have read the leaflets I’ve be given, but would rather know from someone that’s actually using it, I’m feeling a bit nervous,thanks again

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Fabulous, I hope this is the one. I used it but it didnt agree with me but really really helped whilst I was on it x

Hello SFs! Took about 5 weeks for me for Rtx to kick in but it can take longer. A general feeling of wellbeing and no seizing and less fatigue all happened at the same time around 5 weeks, then improvement for another month until it was working very well. Then I could get back my fitness and build muscle. Good luck and hope it works well for you. It has given me more mobility than anything I have taken before and I have zero inflammation so it’s doing what it should be. Hope you are feeling its benefits soon.

It’s really .....how long is a piece of string?

For some people it appears to take effect within a couple of weeks for others it can take three or four months.

I’ve been on it now for four years.....I think it took me about 3 months to feel the full benefit & it has been the best & easiest to take R A drug I have taken.

If you put Rituximab in the search box top right of this screen, you’ll find lots of information that you will find very useful when you go for your first infusion.

Hope you’re one of the lucky ones that it suits.

Hope it works as well for you as it has for me. 🤞🏻

I've had 7 or 8 infusions now its been great, hope it helps you too, it will kick in after a few weeks but you might start to slowly realise you are doing more things than you did. Enjoy the day at the clinic, they will look after you well, take something to occupy yourself and look forward to feeling better; I hope it works well for you.

Hello I had 4 rounds of Rtx , 2 then a 6 mths then another 2 sorry to say if never worked for me, not everyone is the same, I am still trying to get the right medication for me , four years on been on lots of different ones.

But they do look after you, take books magazine etc, the day does pass quick. Tea and biscuits in the morning, then your lunch, well they do here in Scotland.

One good thing they had nice mushroom soup, and that seemed to be on the menu the four times I went.

So good luck you’ll be ok and I hope it works for you fingers crossed 🤞.x

Hi Summerfruits. I have been on MTX for 10 yrs 2 infusions every 6 months.Works well for me,no inflamed or swollen joints.It took about 1 yr for full benefit.My Rhume said it could take a while so stick with it.I tried a different brand but it did not work.You need to be prepared for a long stay with the first infusion,6 hrs may be.Good luck the Nurses will look after you.

I've been on retuximab for last 8yrs . Takes a couple of wks to kick in after 2nd infusion, have it every 6mths and start to feel fatigue when it's time for next round. Made my joints less painful and have more energy. Hope it suits you and as been said take something to keep you occupied as it's a long day. I also take my own lunch . Good luck xx

Been on Retuximab for 10 years or so now & It worked brilliantly for me. Used to last about 12 months or so originally but now find it's about 6/8 months. Get the odd flare up in wrists, knees & ankles but no where near has bad as what I had originally. Hope it works for you & enjoy life to the full if it does, make the most of it as you never know what's around the corner.

My first set of two infusions took about 14 weeks to work but then things were great. I have been told that the second round works quicker - I am half way through my second round.

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