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Confused newly diagnosed

Hi again . Im hoping someone can help as i dont understand my blood results. CCP500,RF 130,CRP 7,PV 1.84. Just cant get any answers from hospital . Thank u

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Above site is good at explaining what various blood tests are for, if not levels. Sorry your hospital haven’t been helpful; had to be really pushy to get any info from mine x


Your CCP and RF are antibody tests, and your results are positive (also called sero-positive) which means there’s a strong likelihood that you have RA. These tests aren’t 100% guaranteed tho’.

The CRP is a measure of inflammation, and yours is just a fraction above normal indicating low levels of inflammation. Same with the PV level, it’s only just above normal.


Oh thank u ,im more confused now as was told its an aggressive RA ,ive been really worried


If you are sero-positive you are often described as having aggressive RA. But there’s still a big range as you could be at a very early stage, or it could be very very slow.

I would really not get to concerned about the descriptions as the important thing is how your disease affects you. Some people who are described as having mild seronegative disease have a horrible time, and other who are sero-positive do just fine. I have sero-positive aggressive RA and ot has responded well to treatment so most of last 8 or so years I’ve been in remission and live very normally.


Ask your G P .


Hi I would agree with the previous comment. Your Anti CCP level is an anti body that is an indicator that you may have or develop RA in the future. RF is Rheumatoid factor can be either positive or Negative. I was diagnosed initially with zero negative as no RF present but that changed a few years later to positive. Either way the treatment is the same. PV is Plasma Viscocity is a measure of how thick your blood cells are but all you really need to know is CRP which is C Reactive Protein which indicates how much inflammation there should be below 5. Yours is low at 7 as it can be in the hundreds. Mine is currently 22 & that’s on treatment.

Go to NRAS site where you will find a much better explanation of all of these tests.

They will check your CRP regularly as it’s the main indication of inflammation. The others maybe only every now & then.

Have they started you on any medication?

Take care x


That should read sero negative not zero. Predictive text error x


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