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Newly diagnosed , feeling scared and confused !!!

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Hi all , been having a read through posts , and I think its wonderful that you can all interact and support one another ...

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Hi traceby, Welcome we all were scared like you at onetime or another but joining this page it will be a great hepl and support to you, young or old it's the same RA a horrible thing but we share our problems or discuss meds but we dont advise others to take anything till you have discussed it with your GP or Rheumatoid Consultant or nurse, but anything else just ask we all started like yourself, Good Luck Mattcass

Hi traceby,

Welcome to the NRAS forum. Thank you for your kind words.

I am sure you will gain lots of support from the all the lovely people on here but please do remember that if you need further information and support you can always contact the helpline team at NRAS.

Our Freephone helpline number is :0800 298 7650. Helpline is open Monday - Friday 9.30am - 4.30pm

Alternatively you can email us on :

Best wishes


Helpline Team

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Hiya Tracy, hope you get as much help as I do on here. I felt very alone until I found this site but now if I'm having a bad or good time I know I can get support here. Hope your Rheumy gets you on treatment too.

As Sally says the helpline is amazing and they also have telephone volunteers, just people with RA that you can chat too, ask the helpline if your interested, I felt mine was very helpful and we are still in touch. Xx

Hello Tracy

Welcome to this Forum, you will find that many people are very concerned regarding their condition, and the implications of strong, unpleasant medications. and their contraindications. You will find this site a great comfort to you and the support useful

Good Luck


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Hi traceby, hello and welcome to the mad house, sorry guys maybe I am the only mad one lol.. no jokes aside the people on here are very supportive and its great when you are feeling alone and scared you soon see your not the only one. There is always someone on here that will respond even if its just for a great big cyber hug. xxx

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allanah in reply to Bazzypants

Lets start the cyber hugs to Tracy, ((((( )))) and some for you Bazzy ((((( ))))) xx

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welcome i am fairly new to this site but find a lot of comfort on here as you will too. It makes you aware you are not on your own with these horrible symptons and people's tip's can be very useful too! Once again welcome to you.

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Hi Traceby, Sorry you need to be on a site like this, but you will get lots of help and support from everyone, hope you have a good GP and Rheumy Team that will look after you. Best wishes and gentle hugs


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Thanks very much for all your welcome messags , I watched my father battle this very isolating condition and wish there had been a network like this for him to discuss his feelings ... I have found not many people know or understand the implications of this ra . Getting to a place of acceptance is really my focus atm x

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Hello my love. Sorry you've the need to find your way to us but an enormous welcome!! The way you're feeling is entirely normal - in a way it's very similar to grief - and you're likely to find your emotions are all over the place for a while but I promise it does get easier and you learn to accommodate the new version of you. This is a wonderful forum. It's has literally kept me sane at times. Never worry about coming on and ranting, whinging, questioning or crying. Do any or all of the above as often as you need to, there's no quota and we've all done it in the past. Before you know it, you'll be on here sharing good news and supporting others xx

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Hi Traceyb. I'm fairly new to this complaint as well so do know how confused your are by it all. I'm the same. Some days I think it is all a mistake and the doctors have made a mistake because this happens to other people not to me. Then aches, pains and common sense sets in and I realise that I do have RA and have got to learn to live with it. I'm also very grateful that we have this site. I have learnt so much and feel that I am surrounded by people who know how I am feeling and care. I have been advised by the medical people and by reading this site that the one thing you must do is pace yourself and not force yourself to try to do everything. Well yesterday I thought to hell with it. I'm fed up with being careful and pushed myself to do lots and go for a good walk with my dog. Boy o boy am I paying for it today. So Traceyb, in future I will listen to them that know and if I was you I'd do the same. Anyway good luck, keep smiling.

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