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Apps for pills

Just wondering if anyone can recommend any suitable reminder apps for meds either apple, BlackBerry or android

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I'm getting one of those dopper bags sorted at chemist for mine but it will be interesting to see what comes up I will be keeping 👁as can't put painkillers in them

Wunderlist. Recurring event with a reminder. Google calendar event would work too.

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There are several around that scan the medication name

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I have tried nearly 20 apps and one called medismart is brilliant

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I searched for and downloaded Medismart (Apple) and it is all in Spanish!! Can’t even figure out how - or if - it can be converted to English - 😂😂😂😂

Hi i just set the alarm on the clock on my mobile for the times that i need and make sure the the sound is set high and it works a treat.

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I have so many pills a decent app with scanner and reminders seems great, it also informed me of one interaction that the pharmacy missed. Google assistant and Amazon Alexa also have voice reminders

Hi, do you have a smartphone because they have alarms with the clocks and work very very well, plus you save money not having to buy an alarm


Just use multiple alarms on any phone

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The medismart app is for apple and android. After registering the account it displays on pc as well. While I do not usually promote apps it is free and very good

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