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Low white blood cell count

Hi I have low white cell count - I think about 3.5 and my vitamin b12 is upto 2000 ( about twice what it should be )

Got an appt with gp but next week will take blood test at hospital so they can advise . Will I be taken off my injections? Currently on toxicolib ( sorry can’t spell it)

Any one had experience with either of these 2 unusual blood test results?

I take multi vits but to have double limit of b12 - weird!!!

Thanks in advance guys 😀

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I've had low white cell counts before, but not elevated b12 (as far as I know). I'm guessing there could be numerous reasons for both. Did you take a b12 supplement just before blood test?

Good you're seeing your GP. Hope all goes well.

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Hi Phoo

My white blood cell count fluctuates between 3.5 and 5 , it was low in October but now back up again.

I'm on Hydroxy and Etanercept ( Benepali)

I'm sure you will just have a repeat test.

Do you take Methotrexate? If so do you take Folic Acid? That could be linked to your B12 result perhaps?

Best wishes.


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My wbc has been low ever since I was diagnosed. At one point it was 0.65 and my ‘high’ was 3.9. Last week it was 1.65 so you can see it’s all over the place. No doctor has ever been able to give me a reason for this and there’s not much you can do about it. Fortunately I don’t get lots of infections so I just have to live with it.

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Thanks guys - that’s really helpful x


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