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Morning all . Please can you give me some advice I seem to be having a flair up with my hands and feet the pain is rotten and honestly I could remove hands and feet if I could . I'm not seeing consultant till end of march which is to approve funding for Humeria . Can I ram some naproxen down my throats until then or phone Rheumatology nurse . Really forgot how painful this is as it's been fabulous for past 8 months 😩

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Always worth phoning your nurse....but presumably you were prescribed Naproxen? And they didn't prescribe it for you to keep in a packet on the shelf.....

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Lol it was prescribed before I had humeria but I weaned myself off everything last summer as I'd been told I should only be on the humeria . I have to be honest I've only seen the nurse once last may and the consultant last February as he left and they had none till last July . I've had to look after myself and was under the impression I may relapse but if I do they won't give me any other biologics re cost so I've been keeping as fit as possible but I've popped tendons turned ankles etc and just got my gp to steroid inject my elbows when needed . She has referred me to physio as I'm having such a problem with my feet and ankles . Three weeks ago my thumb joints started and the gp put me back on naproxen for ten days the rheumatology nurse wants to steroid inject them which is ok but it's not going to be till end of march and the inflammation seems to be tripping everything off . So no I'm stressing about whether my body has sussed out the Humeria and the trust will stop it I can't go back to how I was 🤔


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