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I'm new here and looking for insight on my situation

Good morning! I have not been diagnosed with RA because when I saw the Rheumatologist he did not feel that I what was required based on my symptoms.

I have had knee pain since I was very young... like younger than 10. It was always in the evening when I was going to bed, and it prevented me from sleeping because it hurt so bad. It was never in both knees at the same time but varied on which knee it was. I was told that it was growing pains, and as I got older I was told that my knee caps don't track correctly and to exercise my legs (without being shown what exercises to do). I had x-rays done of my right knee and was told I have arthritis.

My knees eventually over the last year or two have started to hurt randomly during the day. Over the last 4 or 5 months both of my knees are now hurting all the time and the pain is making it hard to concentrate and focus. I went to see an Orthopedic doctor who did x-rays of all the views of my knees. I was started on 800 mgs of IBU TID and sent to physical therapy to strengthen the muscles that hold my knee caps in place because the x-rays do show that I have Patellafemaral syndrome (knee caps don't track correctly). I have had no improvement so at my check up, I was fitted for braces for both legs. I was told to continue my PT and that if I don't have any improvements by my next appointment we would look at having an MRI done.

I have since noticed that I'm getting pain in the knuckles of my outer three fingers on both my hands but it is intermittent . I have also notice now and then my elbow hurts on my left arm.

So next week I will go back for my check up and my knees just seem to be getting worse. I feel like everything is all in my head and that this pain is driving me crazy.

I am ready to get the testing done to prove I don't have RA factors and to begin ruling out other options.

Any insight or suggestions are greatly appreciated if there is something I may be missing or haven't tried yet.

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Hello Chimrow, sorry to hear that you are in pain. We all know how energy zapping constant pain can be. This forum is not for medical advice, so sorry can't help you. I just wish you find the main source of your problem and a solution that helps permanently. All the very best.


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