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RA polycystic ovarian syndrome


I am so happy I found this group, I have found it so useful reading all of the posts.

I was diagnosed with RA in October last year and am currently taking methotrexate. By February my flares were generally under control, however I have had a few in my hand and hip since.

I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries in 2012, as a result I get cystic acne, however since taking methotrexate this has got so much worse. I took antibiotics as a result, which helped briefly, however I had to stop mtx whilst I was taking them resulting in a terrible hand flare.

Does anyone else have PCOs and RA, and if so have the drugs made it worse?

I seem to have had so many antibiotics for various things since taking methotrexate, has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know if biologic drugs are any better at preventing other infections while controlling RA?

Thanks for your help, Ruby

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Biologics are just as bad for colds and infections and you would probably still have to take the mtx as well. Sorry I can't help with the PCOs.

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Although topical applications are not as effective for cystic acne, using things like azelaic acid (I think I've spelt it correctly!) do help if used regularly.

Are you overweight as is common with PCOS? That's the main thing to tackle - I know, I know, really difficult. But it does seem to have major effects.

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Hi, thank you so much for your message. I will look into the acid.

I am actually slightly underweight which makes it an unusual case for PCOs as most of the common advice doesn't apply. Seeing my rheumatologist on Wednesday so hoping she has some advice.

Thanks again, Ruby


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