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I'm fully aware of the nhs & under pressure..I'm fully aware they work long hours..I fully appreciate their help..I understand the work they have to undertake..its not their fault...However 5yrs ago I went to my GP. Complaining about my hands..I was given xray. Followed by scans.MRI injections as over years got worse..I've had nerve tests..blood tests.carpet tunnel op..every pain medication on the prescription on morphine.5yrs on I'm going around doing the same tests but now deformed right hand & now in my left hand..pain constant..I saw my consultant in Sept next appointment due 6wks later after my MRI scan..its now may & my appointment cancelled again due on 14th June..til August..nearly a year since seeing him.!!! However I did my own research as pain so bad could cut hands off...I found a private surgeon/consultant..I contacted & was within 3wks have seen him..he had hero..I have to have 3 right hand basically no good..I'm possibly going to lose it as everything diseased..told if detected earlier would be better...this man is private but im getting on nhs..this due to him advising me to get referred by gp. .its free for 18 wks..anyone can go anywhere if refered...No one one told me yes angry with nhs..I may have kept my hand if they had bothered to take anyone thinking no hope..look find & you will get help if they can.. Also the man I now under care of is my hero... Never give up.x

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You are very lucky to have found your 'hero'. Please could you let me know who he is in case I get to the point of needing him too!?

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His name is Alistair Spire in Southampton..look him up & you will understand why my hero..thank you too for kind words.x


So encouraging. My locum rheumatologist and nurse are awful- patronising, dismissive and unhelpful. I've been trying to raise the energy to ask for a referral else where, but have access to only locum GPs too. Your post has given me the encouragement to need thank you 😊


On no handydebs - I am so sorry that you might actually lose a hand. That is horrible.. I can't even think of my response to a situation like that., but I sure would be angry. I am hoping that there is another answer there somewhere. Hugs and prayers if that is okay with you


That is awful and frustrating. Unfortunately it is a story we hear on the RA and Lupus sites all too often, that we go around in circles and bigger picture doesn't get looked at. I am glad that you have found the right man now and I hope they can save the hand for you.


So sorry you have been left in this state. You've made me realise how lucky I am to have a fantastic NHS rheumatology team (just one dodgy locum reg seen once). I wish you successful operations xXx


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