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Newbie- Negative RF, pos ANCA

Gday. Newbie here. 42 year old female

I am glad i seem to have found a knowledgeable group of people in here.

My dr was sure by my symptoms i would have RA or similar as i have painful joints and many neuro symptoms -(returned a brain MRI "within normal parameters")

My bloods came back

RF neg, ANA neg, anti ccp neg, ESR neg.

My only abnormality was

pos atypical- ANCA.

She is running more bloods but i am so frustrated that the answers are still eluding me after a decade of sporadic symptoms. Has anyone here had negative bloods and still found out what the problem is? I am starting to imagine my future in a well padded room wearing a white cardi that does up with straps at the back....

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My bloods were negative for RD but i found out that i had Psoriatic Arthritis shortned toPsA. So they will sort it, it took a while for me to get this diagnosis, you will get some help here.


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Thankyou chris.

Your imput comforts me. I hope i will get some answers soon and that your PsA is a little kind to you.


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Hi, I've been having joint pains on and off for a few years too. They started again last October and I've come back neg to every test so far. I'm due back at hospital next week but I too feel incredibly frustrated that I can't get a diagnosis therefore treatment! I'm on Naproxen which helps some what. Each day is different, even from hour to hour! But the pains in my joints can be so bad at times. The joints that get warm are my knees and feet and ankles. But not every day. I hope you do receive a diagnosis soon, I feel like the doctors don't believe me sometimes, but it's affecting my life! 😢


I so know what you mean Angie. The pain and strange symptoms i have been getting are a bit of a puzzle but i have found half the battle ois getting a dr to listen and actually bother to listen. I hope you get some answers soon and that your issues are of the less painful ones. E.

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