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Has anyone given up their RA drugs and replaced with any alternatives?

Am just wondering if there is anyone out there who gave up all these strong drugs and substituted with healthier options? And feel better? Or am I just being delusional?

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If you use the search box at top left of your screen you can search for posts on these topics as there has been a lot of discussion on helpful supplements like turmeric and ginger, alternatives like low dose naltrexone, as well as diets. Also you could search for Kai's posts which have lots of links.

A few people have had some success, but it is very personal and for many of us (myself included) trying these options has made no difference. I carry on with things like turmeric, because I like it, but doesn't help the RA!

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Same here, turmeric, Boswelia serrata, milkweed and others do not work for me either. But even if it did work to some degree , I would be afraid of hidden disease activity that was doing havoc on joints.

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Thankyou 😊

Remember if you stop taking the dreaded disease modifying drugs you might find you get irreversiblev joint damage.

Why not do both......try new eating habits, but keep up the Dmards?

After all many of us eat healthily ....& manage to find a drug that suits us, that's Win Win in my book.

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I know. I just want a miracle cure for hubby 😞

I don't fully fit your criteria since I never started the hard meds when diagnosed in Dec. 2015. I wanted to try nontoxic alternatives first. AIP diet LDN and supplements have controlled my RA so far. Still need small dose of pain meds daily but have found turmeric helping to reduce this. Excersize is something I need to concentrate more on now that I am feeling so much better.

Like HH said do have a look at Kais posts. Andys story would interest you. Good luck, Simba

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Thankyou for taking time to reply.

Everyone's different but I don't think I could do without the drugs and as others have said once you get the damage you can't reverse it

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I know deep down. Want a miracle cure for hubby 😞

I think the important thing is the followup. If you start treating your RA with diet and other alternative treatments be sure to do the possible reducing of meds under the supervision of your doctor. If you choose to try the alternative treatments first it is just as important to do followup on inflammatory markers and MRI, US. The hard thing is to find a rheumy who will go along with supporting a nonmedical treatment, but your GP can be of great help and send you to the tests needed.

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Thankyou. Food for thought! Take care.

I could barely walk before the meds. I'd be a bit too scared of returning to that state. Was an awful period in my life.

I'm still having flares, and things aren't quite right, but much better. However, I do also now do a good deal of exercise, and am careful with diet.

I think some folks manage without meds. I've not reached the point where I dare to try?

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I think those who have given up meds have done it gradually when dietary modifications taken alongside medication, have shown to have an effect. This is what Andyswarbs story was about, he was in a wheelchair when started modifying his diet😊

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Thankyou. Will do. And certainly food for thought.

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I understand. Hard seeing hubby struggle. After a miracle cure 😞

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