Working as a CNA with RA

Just wondering about work and RA. I work as a CNA in a nursing home with lots of Overtime. I have called in a couple times with this disease, but I am also new to RA. I am worried that it will effect my ability to do this physical job for too much longer. I have worked there 14 years and thinking maybe I should consider something different.

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Hello is a CNA a care assistant? If so then that was my role up until a year ago. I was diagnosed this time last year after having spent 3 months with my feet resembling an elephants, my hands looking like rubber gloves blown up and the rest of me equally swollen and sore. I remember feeling utterly exhausted much of the time and for me not getting the back up of sick pay in the company I worked for made me think about my job. I researched a bit but knew I wanted to stay in s care role. I got myself a job in an NHS hospital. Initially I was in A&E as that's where I was appointed but I moved to Radiology last September. I generally work 8:30-5 and never any more than 7.5 hours a day. I work mon-fri and overtime at weekends if the weekend person is off. Now being in care it's still not an easy job, on feet all day etc but it's not moving people around like in a care home. I have occupational health back up, sick pay if I need it although I'm not one to go off lightly and the added bonus is my manager is a former rheumatology nurse (I didn't know that when I moved departments) I also know if I ever need to lower hours, or move to a less active role there are so many choices in the hospital I could just apply to change role

I loved my care home job and I am still employed by them on bank. If I have extra time off or a relatively good week and they need help on a Saturday I go in for an early. Keeps my hand in with residents, and gives me a bit extra money.

I would say if your managing ok, you have sympathetic employers and are happy then moving isn't necessary however looking at all your options is sensible. It's weighing up pros and cons.

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