RA hospital given up on me?

I stopped taking methotrxate injections and the other tablets because made me so so sick. I last had appoiuntment ar RNHRD beg 2016 I think. Since then haven't had one sent to me. Is it because am not taking tablets so they don't need to?

I haven't been 'cured' or anything but been coping with all the pains and issues etc as they come and go. Do feel little upset that no one is bothering anymore.

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You need to talk to your GP if the hospital has closed your file. I don't know but would suspect if you stopped taking everything then they might think you've moved or really have so many patients that you've been forgotten. Anyway why not ring the hospital to find out ?


I've just replied to your other post jell, seems it's been duplicated, you may want to delete this one to avoid confusion.


Hi there I too have RA and no longer use methotrexate. Yesterday someone on here said to look up Clint Paddison as he uses diet and has had wonderful results. Wishing you well


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