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Hi again everyone. I've just heard back from my rheumy nurse who has said that at my last assessment, and after having spoken with my consultant, I am going to have to drastically reduce my prednisolone before I can be given a biologic. The schedule, starting this week, is a 1mg reduction every two weeks. I'm currently on 10mg andvwill be down to 7mg when I have my next assessment on 11th April. Call me a whimp, but I'm dreading this. I know what is going to happen, as has happened every time I've tried to get below 10mg - even by 0.5mg - I end up in unbearable pain and stiffness (worse than the usual RA agony). Can anyone please give me any advice on how to cope with this? I know I have to do it and that it is vitally important for my wellbeing. I've just recently started work part-time and am physically struggling, but I don't have a choice not to go, like so many of us. I'd just be so grateful for any hints or tips. Thank you xxx

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Hi mamma1027

I have read your post with great interest l to am on biologic (benny injections) l was taking 10mgs of prednisone and was told to lower the dose. As you have done l to tried to lower the dose slowly l got down to 4mgs and the pain was unbearable so l had to go back to 10mgs my rummy said this was to much but could l get down to 5mgs and he would be happy for me to stay on this dose. All through this l was still on my biologic jabs this is the part l do not understand why you must get down to more or less zero before getting the biologic jabs l now have been on prednisone for many years and l know from looking at many reports some people have been on them for over 20 years it would be great if we could come off them altogether but the pain is to great l look forward to hearing other replays to your post good luck for the future


I'm afraid that this is one of the symptoms of withdrawing from steroids, especially if you have been on them for some time. I find that NSAIs take the edge off the painful muscles and joints after reducing the dose, if you are able to take them. But don't take any immediately before your assessment for biologics!


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