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Can I cut down on Arcoxia without consultant approval?


Usually take 60mg Arcoxia a day but now I've started on my biologics I'm feeling so much better. Would like to cut down on my Arcoxia but not sure if that's ok to do that without consulting my consultant first. Is there any reason why I should wait till I see her again? I have a review appt at the end of February but would rather not be on it for that long if possible. Was thinking even if I cut it down to 30mg a day for just now?

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I take Arcoxia and my consultant prescribes that and painkillers for me to take as I see fit. She basically leaves it to me to decide what I need, and when to request repeat prescriptions. i used to take it daily, but now I don't need to. She suggested that what might work best for me is to take it for 4-5 days, when I have a bit of inflammation starting, and then stop until I need it again. So that's what I do now, and it seems to end up as using it for a few days every 3 weeks or so. Of course we're all different, and I can't give medical advice so just telling you what I do.

We can't really recommend anything re dosing but I will share with you that I've recently had a reduction in dose of my Arcoxia (etoricoxib) from 90mg to 60mg & my directions were to take the 90mg each night so he was directing the same. I informed the doctor that I'd only been taking it every alternate night to which he said fine, if you can cut it further that's ok by me. I think generally with COX-2's our Rheumy's would be ok with us taking them as needed, as long as the inflammation is kept in check & our heart health is fine then personally.... I'd try reducing it yet further & if the inflammation determined then increasing as needed.

That's good to know. I also had mine reduced when the guidelines re safe doses changed recently. I posted recently about my speech being a bit strange, saying words in a sentence that don't make sense, or mixing my words up, and I'm wondering if that's to do with the Arcoxia as I didn't have it when I was on Diclofenac before that. So keen to reduce/stop Arcoxia to see if that stops!!

Arcoxia has been the most effective NSAID for me so I'd be unhappy if I needed to stop it though of course if it was adversely affecting my heart that's a different matter. I posted about the new guideline a fortnight ago, although not much use as you've already had your dose reduced but it's here if it's helpful

I mix my words up regularly but never connected it with Arcoxia, I've done it so long I wouldn't know if it's related to any of my meds! Maybe a reduction in dose will be telling for you & me too?!

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