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Pins and needles

Hi Margaret like you I'm not taking meds anymore, the methatrexate made me feel ill I've been ok , until the weekend I've got pins and needles down my right leg and foot, I'm hopeing it's just a trapped nerve as its alright when I'm up on my feet but starts the minuite I sit down ,pain in the bum please excuse the pun lol . I don't know anything about carpel tunnel, only that my eldest had to have an op for it 2 yrs ago on her left arm, I hope it all goes well for you

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Hi,thnx for reply.i did try methotrexate twice but stopped it,it scares me to death lol,think I read too much into side effects.couldnt see the point in taking them if it was gonna cause problems elsewhere.i'm not 1 for taking tablets anyway so thought I would just deal with things as they happen.i've coped ok for 6 yrs with just flare ups but lately it's got me frustrated as I'm a carer n can't manage to do my job properly.think I just need a holiday to relax lol.my health is good compared to a lot of people on here so I should be grateful really.🙂Tc x


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