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Newly diagnosed

Hi all sounds like I'm in for a difficult time, newly diagnosed and so far only my hands and arms up to shoulders are affected.

I started with carpel tunnel syndrome, within a month my wrists and fingers stated swelling, this reduced the pain in my fingers, but it has travelled to shoulders, turning in bed is really painful and getting out out of bed is something I work on to do as to cause as little pain as possible.

Taking cod liver oil capsules and massage with clary sage mixed with almond oil, I find this soothing.

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Hi Doe and welcome,

A rough ride is not compulsory and if mild in nature, caught early plus the right med regime found quickly the ride ain't so bad... It's one I wouldn't queue up for that is certain and given the option would quietly get off of that's for sure but I am managing with minimal pain, some fatigue and still work full time but I've not got the added responsibility of children to provide for - how parents do this (even in its mildest form) is beyond me - OBEs to each and every one of them if I was Queenie 👑👏

I hope your journey is a mild one and all settles down soon for you

All the best



Remember that the people who post on here, by and large, are the ones having problems. The larger proportion of people won't bother to join a forum, attend a group, read about it, because they are well controlled and leading a (only slightly) modified good life on treatment.

Occasionally, one of us remembers to post good news, but for the most part, we are asking questions or having a moan in a safe place where people understand!

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Hi Doe and welcome to the forum! So sorry to hear you're having a tough time. You've found the right place hopefully you will find lots of posts from people who have been newcomers and will relate to their experiences emotionally, physically and treatment wise. For me I've tried a few medications and found the right one for now. I really hope you get some good treatment soon and get your disease under control with whatever means you can. I also hope you find solace in the forum xx


Thank you

friends and family are great, but Its nice to be able to discuss symptoms and trials with medication with people who know what it's really like, and can offer advice to a newby.


Hi all

Thank u for replies

Had my consultant appointment and started a course of medication and had a steroid injection in my bottom.


Side effects of metatrexate sound scary

Trying not to over react to finding hairs in Bath and sink.

But within 48 hrs swelling in hands had definatly gone down, that was a fortnight ago. Pain is manageable or was till I stood on a wasp, but thats a different story

Nice to have easier movement of my fingers and wrists, trying not to get to excited. But after 3 months at home and the finances pinching would love to get back to work. Even reduced hours would help.

But boss says I need assessment first, making sure able to fulfill tasks on job description

I had my house valued and will hopefully be able to sell it, and get something smaller with a garden that is on one level and a bit easier to manage.

Being practical, I can feel mum patting me on the back.

This should put me in a better position financially for the future,and if I need time off its one less thing for me to worry about. Ive taken for granted only having odd day off. Long term sickness brings it's own challenges, as Im sure many of you know only too well.

One last thing, my daughter treated me to a lovelly massage session.

The lady was very thorough, medical conditions etc..and I mentioned using essential oils myself, she said be careful with some medications check Internet first, as not always compatible, which was news to me, she showed me that she had a very big book, guide lines for essentials oils and medication


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