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Going through diagnosis

Hi everyone I'm 23 and since I was 17 iv had this huge solid lump under my toe joints. It doesn't always hurt but I say "when it goes" I can't walk or even have a sheet over it. Iv had blood tests today to see if it can be picked up but also suffer with hand wrist arm elbow hip chest and knee pains all the doctors have done before is dismissed me because of my age and gave me ibruprofen gel (which does nothing) finally my new doctor has listened and been very supportive. Iv literally been hospitalised in pain and I have a very high pain tolerance could anyone give me an idea as to how long diagnosis and treatment can take as my right hand wrist and arm have all been flaring up this week the worst bit is its like a day on and then a day off and then back the next day I can't deal with it iv got two children with severe autism and another with pda so I'm very busy can anyone give me an idea of anything that might soothe it until the doctors have sorted out diagnosis and treatment


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Hi there i am sorry to here you have been struggling so much. It can be difficult to get the initial diagnosis . Here is a link to our website that may help you : .

We often talk about the use of hot and cold in managing pain and swelling at home. so using a hot water bottle or a ice pack wrapped in a tea towel on a swollen joint may help relieve some of the discomfort. Sometimes having a warm bath can also help alleviate symptoms.

If you would like to talk through things further with our helpline team you are very welcome to ring our number on 0800 298 7650.


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