Hi all. Not posted in a while now been told I have fibromalgia as well as my ra I'm in constant pain and lethargic still taking 15mg mtx along with anti inflammatory tabs I'm also on anti depression tablets and oramorph for the pain which isn't helping. I'm getting more depressed each day I go to CBT sessions weekly does anyone know of any help groups in the Hull area for ra as I'm struggling so much. Thankyou

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  • Sorry, I'm in Scotland so all I can send is sympathy. I've got a lot of basic RA pain while I wait for a knee replacement. I try to keep on top of the pain with painkillers and find that I can distract myself reasonably well - going out into the air and lightness helps the depression. Also (from a therapy session) I try to note down one good thing that has happened to me a day. Anything - like waking up to see the trees all covered with snow and not needing to go out anywhere.

    I do hope you can start to feel a bit better - and that it helps to get a few replies!

  • Thankyou Cathy. I hope your knee operation goes well and your not to long recovering from it. The trees covered in snow sounds lovely especially to see from the warmth of your home. The thought of that picture has made me smile x

  • I could try to post one, its in the Scottish Highlands overlooking Loch Broom, near Ullapool which is where people leave to go to the Outer Hebrides. Remote (well from 'down south' anyway and very friendly. We spend our days watching birds on the loch and the antics of the neighbour's sheep. We've got underfloor heating (from a heat exchange pump) which is lovely if you have RA as it warms your feet.

    Keep smiling, it relaxes and helps the pain a bit.

  • Hello, Sorry I live along way from Hull - in Switzerland ! But you have my sympathy I can see it is very easy to become depressed with this illness if its not well controlled.

    I feel the worst in the morning but as the day wears on things seem to lighten. luckily for me I can still get out for walks, after I feel better as I walk in the woods- its very peaceful somehow puts things in perspective.

    Are there other drugs you could try to help with the depression? or to help with the RA ?

  • I am awaiting my next rhumy appointment. I've tried many different meds to no avail. I take that many I don't know where i am from one day to the next. Been stuck in bed for the last two days hopefully be able to get out for a while tomorrow fingers crossed.

  • Hi Jennifer, we have a couple of regional groups, one in Leeds and another in York, not sure how far these are from you (visit our website at to see all our groups in the North of England). Please remember our helpline are always happy to offer support and information or can arrange a peer to peer support call for you. All our volunteers have RA themselves so will know what you are going through and might be able to help, at the very least they can listen. You can contact our helpline on 0800 2987650 or by email at

    I hope this helps a little. Take care.

    Val, NRAS

  • Thankyou will consider calling as both Leeds and York are over an hour away.

  • A little too far to travel really. Please do give a call as our volunteers are here to help.


  • I have called before I was looking really for a group I could join and meet with people really but thank you

  • Do you not no anyone with RA in your area who you could meet up with ? I know I felt not so isolated as soon as I knew a couple of other people with RA although they seem to have it under control !

    I considered putting up a note at my GP saying anyone with RA could get in touch with me!

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